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MSPO 2017: Etronika showcases its optical and optoelectronic devices.

| 2017

Etronika Sp. z o.o. showcases its optical and optoelectronic devices at MSPO 2017, the biggest defence industry exhibition in Central and Eastern Europe. Etronika is a Polish company created in 2002 specialized in the design, development and manufacturing of optical and optoelectronic devices. Etronika has developed and manufactured series of devices associated with classical optics, laser and infrared radiation.

MSPO 2017 Etronika showcases its optical and optoelectronic devices 925 002
The Etronika's stand at MSPO 2017 (Credit: Army Recognition)

The Etronika range of products and solutions includes:

day sights, aiming night vision systems, modernization of night vision equipment from active to passive,
observation and aiming devices,
laser rangefinders,
thermal cameras for observation and Fire Control Systems,
long- and short-range control systems to video transmission using radio frequency,
monitoring systems of physical and electrical dimensions at a distance.

All the products are designed by Etronika and are based on most advanced and latest technologies. High quality of the products is confirmed by AQAP 2110:2009 and ISO 9001:2008 certificates.

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