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Milipol 2017: Meet Nexter's range of innovative security solutions.

| 2017

Nexter is featuring its equipment manufacturing subsidiaries at the Milipol 2017 exhibition to be held at the "Parc des expositions Paris-Nord Villepinte" from 21 to 24 November. Nexter's equipment manufacturing centre consists of a collection of innovative and adaptable SMEs, that provide services to the Group and to other industrial companies, and capable of meeting the requirements of both French and foreign Security Forces.

Nexter range of security products 001
Nexter's well-known Nerva LG robot, now adopted by US, Belgian, German, French, Swiss and Dutch special forces

Nexter Robotics is present with the NERVA, a multi-purpose robot on a single platform, providing a range of solutions for security, rescue and surveillance applications. Already in service in over twenty countries, the NERVA recently conquered the American market for on-the-spot assessments by a well-known Special Forces unit. Used notably by the RAID and the GIGN in France, the NERVA also equips the German, Belgian, Swiss and Dutch Special Forces. Nexter Robotics will continue to develop its range to meet the growing needs of the market.

Nexter is also presenting the FINDMP mission preparation tool, coupled with an Immersive Building Reconstruction Tool (ORBI). Its aim is to assist Intervention Forces in placing under siege a building reconstructed in 3D based on 2D information (photos or plans). Thanks to the immersive visualization software designed by Nexter Training, Intervention Forces can study how to get through doors, where to position friendly snipers and how to prepare their mission to maximum effect.

In response to a request by Special Forces, Nexter Electronics presents TEYA, its solution to future energy needs. Compact and lightweight, TEYA maximizes energy endurance in hostile environments. With its very low heat and noise emission, TEYA provides almost unlimited endurance by thanks to a fuel cell and hydrogen cartridges.

Optsys demonstrates the effectiveness of its protected vision systems with the Viper Security system, an innovative peripheral vision solution providing forces with an improved knowledge of their operational environment.

Finally, NBC-Sys is exhibiting on the GIE Défense NBC stand (P 094) with its air filtration solutions and the FRH16 mask, designed for medical personnel providing first aid to victims of NRBC accidents (Nuclear, Radiological, Biological and Chemical).


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