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Leonardo presents land and naval surveillance capabilities in Thailand at Security & Defence 2017.

| 2017

Visitors to Leonardo’s stand (#J9, hall 6-8) at Defence & Security 2017 in Thailand will be able to virtually explore the latest generation of sensors and systems on the bridge of a multi-role naval vessel.

Leonardo Defense Security 2017 925 001
The Leonardo's stand at Defense and Security Thailand

‘Immersive reality’ on the stand will allow to experience new naval capabilities including an advanced multifunctional, fixed-face dual-band radar, friend-or-foe detection and infrared sensors for acquiring and tracking targets, integrated communications systems and satellite radio. Another key exhibit on the stand is a model of an offshore patrol vessel, representing one of the new naval units the company is equipping for the Italian Navy’s renewed fleet. DART and Vulcano guided ammunition will also be showcased. The latter can be integrated into the company’s successful 76/62 mm medium caliber naval gun which is in service with around 60 navies and part of Leonardo’s extensive portfolio of naval guns which ranges from large to small caliber systems. The legacy A244/S Mod 3 lightweight torpedo, which is equipped by around 20 navies worldwide, will also be at D&S. This is one of the company’s most widely-deployed underwater systems and is offered alongside heavyweight torpedoes, countermeasures and sonar systems.

A virtual scenario of land-based sensors and associated Command and Control (C2) will be on show. Systems will include Leonardo’s legacy air defence RAT31DL system as well as the land version of the KRONOS multifunctional, scalable, C-band, solid-state radar system. Leonardo has sold more than 50 RAT 31 DL radars internationally, including to Thailand, which is also one of 30 countries who have selected the KRONOS radar. Software Defined Radio (SDR) technology will be showcased, specifically the SWave HH-E. With weight and dimensions comparable to a commercial smartphone, SWave HH-E provides reconfigurable secure data and broadband network functions, in addition to standard voice communications. The stand will also host the Horizon Medium Wave Infra-Red (MWIR) thermal imaging camera for long-range surveillance and target identification for early warning of threats and the detection of illegal activities.

Leonardo is a well-known partner in the Asia Pacific region and has established itself in Thailand in the naval, land and air domains. The company has supplied air surveillance, naval and land radar systems, helicopters and maritime patrol radars. In the civil market Leonardo has supported Thailand since the early 70s, particularly via the provision of air traffic control systems. Leonardo is pursuing opportunities in Thailand in the field of land and air defence with its state of the art Kronos and RAT 31 DL systems as well as in the naval defence sector with a comprehensive portfolio of naval guns and underwater systems. Thailand could also benefit from the company’s wide range of helicopters that range from the 1.8 tonne 5-seat AW009 up to the 16 tonne multi-role AW101 helicopter. Thanks to its expertise as an aircraft manufacturer, systems integrator and mission equipment supplier Leonardo can offer aircraft including the MC-27J, an effective multi-mission airlifter, and the ATR 72MP, able to perform a wide range of maritime surveillance and search and rescue missions.

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