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IDEF 2017: Lacroix Group promotes Galix AOS protection solution in Turkey 21105177.

| 2017
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IDEF 2017
International Defence Industry Fair

9 - 12 May 2017
Istanbul, Turkey
Lacroix Group at IDEF 2017
 IDEF 2017: Lacroix Group promotes Galix AOS protection solution in Turkey
During IDEF 2017, LACROIX’s team is presenting its collaborative protection solutions made possible by GALIX AOS (Automatic Obscuration System) – a self-protection system from detection to reaction which would perfectly meet Turkey's requirements for the 3rd-gen Altay main battle tank.
For over 30 years, Lacroix has been supplying self-protection systems to land forces around the world. These systems, known as GALIX, equip thousands of platforms (Leopard 2, BMP3, Leclerc tank, AMX 10, Fuchs, M113, Piranha, CV90, etc.). The effectiveness of GALIX and its munitions resides in its capacity to mask vehicles for threat protection (laser designator, laser beam rider, laser range finder, thermal camera, etc.) in not only the visible range, but in laser and infrared (0.4-14 microns).

With GALIX AOS, LACROIX provides a high performance and rapid self-protection solution aimed to increase vehicle survivability systems with a full range of products which offers various architectures adapted to vehicle's missions, with combat proven components. It's a global system, from detection to reaction, which works instantaneously, offers a full 360 degrees coverage and can be fitted onto any type of new generation or retrofitted vehicle (armored or unarmored).

The system is intended to detect any kind of laser threat thanks to its 4 detectors installed on each side of the vehicle with the possibility to deploy a 5th one dedicated to aerial threat. The detectors specify the kind and the direction of the laser threat. 24 launch tubes ensure a full 360 degrees coverage and the GALIX 13 ammunition provides an immediate (1 second) multiband smoke screening protection (broadband) effective during 40 seconds to 2 minutes (according to environmental conditions) and covers. A control box is integrated to the BMS and the system can be used on manual or automatic mode.

Talking to Army Recognition, LACROIX points out the company's willingness to strengthen its relation with Turkey. In addition to the French market, the GALIX System has been in recent past delivered to UEA armed forces to equip thousands of military vehicles.



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