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CheZaRa and WB Group jointly introducing Sokil strike UAV system.

| 2017

At Arms and Security 2017, the Ukrainian company CheZaRa introduced a new strike drone system jointly developed with the Polish armament group WB Group. The "Sokil" reconnaissance and strike system is designed to perform surveillance, detection, tracking and destruction of ground-based targets.

Sokil strike drone system 001
The Sokil strike drone system mainly relies on WB Electronics' Warmate UAS

The Sokil main task is to provide strike support to troops patrolling on the ground, or performing reconnaissance, anti-terror operations or any other military/security missions.

Sokil can performs missions in day/night conditions. It works as a system involving at least one reconnaissance vehicle and three strike vehicles, all based on Practika's Kozak-2M 4x4 specialized armoured vehicle, which provides excellent mobility and flexibility.

The Sokil uses modern C2 platform ensuring digital, integrated data transmission, automatic target tracking day/night using thermal imaging camera..

Sokil strike drone system 002 
A Sokil's strike vehicle

The reconnaissance vehicle is operated by a crew of five: commander, driver, UAV operator, weapon station operator and analyst. Each vehicle carry up to three FlyEye UAVs, developed by WB Electronics, a subsidiay of WB Group. The FlyEye has been deployed in combat operations since March 2015. It already performed more than 1,000 flight hours, detecting and controled over 700 group and individual targets.

The strike vehicle is operated by a crew of four: commander, driver, UAV operator and weapon station operator. Besides portable radio station, GCS, generator and telescopic antenna, the vehicle carry up to 20 WB Electronics' Warmate single-use strike UAV as well as 40 warheads. Licensed-produced in Ukraine by CheZaRa, the Warmate has an operating range of 10 km, a flight endurance of 30 min and a maximum speed of 150 km/h. It can be armed with four types of warheads: High-Explosive, Cumulative, Blast-Fragmentation, and Incendiary warheads

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