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Belgium approves Griffon Jaguar vehicles acquisition 22306174.

| 2017
Defence & Security News - Belgium
Belgium approves Griffon and Jaguar armored vehicles acquisition plan
The Belgian Council of Ministers yesterday gave its green light to a proposal of the Defense Minister Steven Vandeput for launching the acquisition of France-made armored vehicles. Under a US$1.2bn program, Belgium plans to purchase 60 Jaguar EBRC combat and reconnaissance vehicles and 417 Griffon VBMR multirole armored vehicles.

The Griffon VBMR Multirole Armored Vehicle
According to a statement released on the Minister's website, the objective of this program, dubbed "CAMO", is to establish a partnership with Paris which will be based on identical combat vehicles. Under this partnership, Belgium and France will share common organization, training programs, and logistical support.

These two vehicles are currently being developed under the French "Scorpion" program. They will replace the Belgian Army's Piranha III 6x6 and Dingo II 4x4 armored vehicles currently in use with the Medium Brigade. The Jaguar/Griffon vehicles will be purchased along with communications systems and spare parts. Vehicles are expected to enter service between 2025 and 2030.

"With this investment, the government clearly chooses to modernize the existing motorized land forces in order to allow them to spearhead Belgian engagement in a context of collective security," said the Belgian Defense Minister Steven Vandeput.

The Griffon VBMR (Véhicule Blindé MutiRôle - Multirole armoured vehicle) is a 6x6 armoured vehicle personnel carrier (APC) that will mainly replace the old VAB 4x4 APC in service with the French army since 40 years. The Griffon has been designed to have a modular architecture and it will be delivered in five configuration including personnel carrier, command post, artillery observation and ambulance.

The Griffon will have a maximum gross vehicle weight (GVW) of 24.5 tones and carrying up to 10 personnel. The main armament of the Griffon will include a remotely operated weapon station armed with a 12.7mm or 7.62mm machine gun or one 40mm automatic grenade launcher.


The Jaguar EBRC Combat and Reconnaissance armored vehicle
The Jaguar is 6x6 armoured vehicle fitted a two-man turret 40 CTAS armed with one 40mm CTC cannon with Ammunition Handling System (AHS). The 40mm cannon will have a maximum range of 1,500 m. The 40 CTC can incorporate multiple natures of ammunition within the same ammunition handling system which gives the vehicle the capability to quickly engage threats across the modern battlefield spectrum including those within urban environments.

Each side of the turret will be fitted with MMP (Missile Moyenne Portée - Medium Range Missile) missile designed by the French Company MBDA. The MMP missile is a fire-and-forget missile with lock-on before launch and automatic self-guidance and which has a maximum range of 4,000m. Four smoke grenade dischargers are mounted at the front each side of the turret.

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