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Automated artillery control vehicle at Arms & Security 2017.

| 2017

Ukroboroprom exhibits an automated artillery control vehicle at the international exhibition "Arms & Security 2017", Ukraine. The control vehicle is a mobile command-and-observation post for artillery detachments.

automated artillery command vehicle ukroboronprom ukraine 925 001

The artillery detachment control vehicle is intended for the automatic execution of several tasks, such as: collecting datas about the artillery detachment, obtaining operational instructions and order from the artillery senior officer, communicating the firing missions and operational instructions to the artillery battalions units.

The vehicle also determine its own location and direction on a continuous basis to perform the command-and-observation post location survey missions, carry out reconnaissance mission to determine location of hostile targets. The command vehicle determines the missions needs and transmits all informations regarding fire adjustments, types of artillery barrage. The vehicle can be produced in both tracked and wheeled variants to fully fit the need of the following battalions.

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