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Arms and Security 2017: Ukrainian Armor launches Novator light armored vehicle development.

| 2017

In order to answer the Ukrainian Special Forces critical need for a new light tactical armored vehicle, the local vehicle maker Ukrainian Armor starting development of its own solution, the Novator specialized armored vehicle. The company introduced for the first time at Arms and Security 2017 exhibition in Kiev, Ukraine.

Ukrain Armor new Novator vehicle
Technical drawing of the future Novator specialized armored vehicle

The future Novator vehicle is based on a Ford F550 chassis to accomodate up to five equipped soldiers. Novator's main tasks will include surveillance and reconnaissance, border patrolling, special missions, and medical evacuation.

The vehicle is to be powered with a 6,7l turbo diesel engine, with 300 hp of output. The AWD 4x4 wheel drive will be coupled to a 6 TorgShift automatic gearbox. This will provide the vehicle with a maximum speed of 120 km/h and an operational range of 700 km thanks to the 160l fuel tank capacity.

Novator has a length of 5.80 m, a width of 2.405 m and a height of 2.164 m for a gross vehicle weight of 9,000 kg, including a payload capacity of up to 1,000 kg. The vehicle includes automatic fire extinguishing system crew and engine compartment, first aid kit and roof escape hatch to manage with every emergency situation.

Ukrainian Armor's Novator will also incorporate five gun ports, A/C, heater, flow ventilation, and waterproof winch with 8 t towing capacity and 30 m length.

Ukrainian Armor is specialized in manufacturing armored vehicle, such as Novator and Varta APC. The company also produces ambulances, field kitchens and artillery weapons.

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