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Saudi Arabia will help Morocco with the funding of its military industry 40701161.

| 2016
Defence & Security News - Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia will help Morocco with the funding of its military industry
Following the signing of an agreement of military and technical cooperation between the Moroccan Royal Armed Forces and the Saudi Armed Forces, Saudi Arabia said it will grant Morocco US $22 billion to help finance its military industry.
Saudi Arabia will help Morocco with the funding of its military industry 640 001The Royal Moroccan Army
Last December 16, Maghreb Arab Press (MAP) revealed that Minister Delegate to Morocco’s Head of Government for the administration of National Defense, Abdellatif Loudiyi, met in Rabat with Muhammad bin Abdullah Al Ayesh, Saudi Deputy Defense Minister.During the meeting, both side signed an Agreement on Military and Technical Operations.

“Saudi Arabia is financing the implementation of a military industry project in Morocco with $22 billion,” Arabic daily Al-Massae said in its Thursday issue.

In addition to funding, the Saudi Kingdom is committed to provide military intelligence to Morocco. “[The Saudi] giants of the defense industry [make a] commitment to provide the support and expertise needed to take Morocco’s status from client to producer of weapons”, the same source added.

At the time when the cooperation agreement between both Kingdoms was signed in December 2015, the Strategic Defense Intelligence Institute (SDI) revealed that “No less than 220 billion dirhams will be invested by the Kingdom over a period of four years (2015-2019) to strengthen the deterrent capabilities of the Royal Armed Forces.”

American online publication dedicated to defense acquisition, Defense Industry Daily (DID) which cited Morocco World News article “Saudi Arabia to Help Finance Morocco’s Military Industry,” confirmed the information cited.

Morocco has been preparing for the development of a national military industry for a few years. This was made evident in its latest advancements in the business aviation industry.

International companies specialized in the manufacturing of satellites and air defense, such as Canadian giant Bombardier, European Airbus, Safran and French manufacturer Thales have opened their chapters in Moroccan territory.

These leading companies their work as of 2016 to provide Morocco with the infrastructure and technology necessary for the establishment of its military industry.

The alleged $22 billion Saudi funding will help Morocco to develop a national “embryonic” military and become a producer of weapons, earning an important role in the International Defense Industry.

Morocco has agreements with Spain for the manufacturing of military transport aircraft, with France for the establishment of a naval military industry, and with the U.S. for the construction of armored vehicles.

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