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Nordic countries sign joint procurement agreement 40905161.

| 2016
Defence & Security News - Finland
Nordic countries sign joint procurement agreement
Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Norway signed a joint procurement agreement during the Nordic Defence Industry Seminar taking place in Helsinki from 9 to 11 May 2016. The new accord is an additional step to the agreement on Cooperation in the Defence Materiel Area, signed by the same countries in 10 March 2015.
Nordic countries sign joint procurement agreement
Finnish Army's equipment at a static display (Photo: Finnish Army)

The Nordic countries have been working on common defence initiatives for many years now. The recent agreement sets the framework for the development and improvement of the procurement procedures, especially in the areas of cost-efficiency, security of delivery and commensurate materiel call for improved and upgraded procedures, and the implementation of joint procurement as well.

The agreement does not bind its members to cooperate in common procurement projects but rather sets the framework and procedures of their possible joint initiatives.

A month earlier, the Finnish Government adopted a resolution on “Securing the Finnish Defence Technological and Industrial Base”.The document sets the technological and industrial capacity, and competency for establishing and maintaining critical defence capabilities.

Finland and Sweden have decided not to be part of NATO, contrary to Denmark and Norway, which are members since 1949. This lack of external balancing through membership at the Alliance due to military non-alignment and the transformation in Russia’s foreign policy, has led the Finnish Government to seek ways to build new capabilities, while safeguarding its current defence industrial and technological know-how, as well the unhindered supply of raw material and goods.

Therefore, the Defence Materiel Area Cooperation agreement is another step for each of the Nordic countries to expand their capabilities in the defence industrial sector, while reducing the risks associated with R&D process and, supply and production chains. Building a solid technological and defence industrial base will allow them to operate with a larger degree of independency against regional and global threats.



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