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Nicaraguan Armed Forces to receive Russian-made T-72B1 Main Battle Tanks Tass 52604162.

| 2016
Defence & Security News - Nicaragua
Nicaraguan Armed Forces to receive Russian-made T-72B1 Main Battle Tanks
Nicaraguan Armed Forces will receive a batch of Russian T-72B1 main battle tanks (MBT), according to a Russian defense industry source.
Nicaraguan Armed Forces to receive Russian made T 72B1 Main Battle Tanks 640 002
The Russian-made T-72B1 Main Battle Tank (Photo Reddit)
Nicaragua is to get about 50 T-72B1 tanks. The information on the delivery of Russian surplus T-72B1 tanks to Nicaragua appeared in open sources in Spring 2015. The related maintenance and upgrade works were supposed to be undertaken by the 61st Armour Repairing Plant in Strelna (Leningrad Region).

The T-72B1 tank (unofficially dubbed 'White Eagle') has received PN-72U Sosna-U day/night gunner`s sight. Commander`s seat is equipped with PKP-72 Falcon`s Eye (Sokolinyi Glaz) panoramic sight with third-generation thermal imager.

T-72B1 has received automatic target tracking system, chassis information-management system, remote controlled anti-aircraft station with 12.7mm NSVT Utes heavy machinegun, auxiliary power unit (APU) and combined GPS/GLONASS navigation system. The tank`s 125mm 2A45 gun is equipped with new stabilizer. At the same time, T-72B1 is additionally protected by ageing Kontakt-1 explosive reactive armour (ERA) developed in the mid-1980s. T-72B1s are supposed to significantly increase the preparedness of Nicaraguan Armed Forces.
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