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Harris presents its ISS Integrated Soldier System during SOFEX 31105164.

| 2016
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The Special Operations Forces Exhibition & Conference
Amman, Jordan
9 - 12 May 2016
Harris at SOFEX 2016
Harris presents its ISS Integrated Soldier System during SOFEX
The Integrated Soldier System allows soldiers to stay connected in cluttered electronic environments such as buildings, tunnels and ships. It enables transmission of GPS, text messaging, target information, UAV feeds and more from command directly to soldier's goggle displays. The ISS enables real time decision making and reduced response time.
Harris-presents-its-ISS-Integrated-Soldier-Syste--during-SOFEX-640-001Harris' Integrated Soldier System (ISS) at SOFEX 2016

The nature of warfare is changing. Intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) plays a prominent role in today's military operations. Equally critical is the missions-specific situational awareness information that supports effective command and control, improves tactical execution, increases soldier safety and likelihood of mission success.

The Harris ISS is a flexible nighttime situational awareness and intelligence-sharing platform that enables real-time, two way visual and voice communication between command and deployed forces, as well as soldier to soldier. It enables shared imagery (including full motion video), direct messaging and data import via light secure goggle display and sound secure tactical radio.

The system capabilities allow the soldier to share simultaneously data such as motion video feed, access photos for identifying persons of interest in the field, GPS location, graphical targets, rendez-vous points etc. The system also stores the recorded video from the soldier's POV for futur analysis and archive.


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