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EURENCO commissions new NTO explosive plant in France 53005162.

| 2016
Defence & Security News - Eurenco
EURENCO commissions new NTO explosive plant in France
EURENCO has commissioned in May 2016 a new plant for the production of NTO insensitive explosives as part of its investment strategy in Sorgues (France) to modernize explosive production lines and answer current and future customers’ needs.
EURENCO commissions new NTO explosive plant 640 002
The unrivalled experience of EURENCO in NTO explosives synthesis and production traces its roots back to the 1980s when EURENCO (at the time SNPE) patented NTO as an explosive for military use. The new production line provides customers with a very modern, efficient and safe industrial process. Its large annual capacity will also ensure security of supply for growing needs of current customers in Europe and answer new customer requests outside Europe.

NTO insensitive explosives are mainly used by EURENCO’s customers in Melt-Cast compositions for Insensitive Munitions, very Insensitive Cast-PBX formulations as well as moulding powders for Pressed-PBX formulations. Applications include Mortar and Artillery ammunition as well as munitions used from naval platforms such as aircraft carriers (bombs & penetrators).

The new plant is also able to produce TNR and DNBF precursors which are mainly used by EURENCO’s customers as a primer for small calibre ammunition and in the automotive safety industry.

EURENCO is the European leader in Energetic Materials with a complete range of Explosives, Propellants and Combustible items for Defense, Security and Civil markets:

Combustible items: Modular charges for 155mm artillery systems, Combustible Cartridge Cases (CCCs) for tank ammunition, Nitrofilm for Mortar increments,

High Explosives (e.g. RDX, HMX, NTO) and propellants (single, double or multi base) for Warheads, Medium & Large calibre ammunition including missiles, bombs, rockets, underwater weapons and 25mm to 155mm rounds,

Small calibre: propellants for Defense / Security and Hunting / Sport (from .22 to 20mm).

It is a truly global company with 4 production plants in France (Bergerac, Sorgues), Belgium (Clermont) and Sweden (Karlskoga). EURENCO is also present in the United States through a commercial office in Washington DC.

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