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Denmark to strengthen its contribution to Afghanistan 41105161.

| 2016
Defence & Security News - Denmark
Denmark to strengthen its contribution to Afghanistan
Denmark will increase its contribution to the NATO forces in Afghanistan as well as its financial support to the country. The Danish Minister of Foreign Affairs Kristian Jensen made the announcement noting that “it is necessary for Denmark, together with the international community, continues to support Afghanistan so that the country can get back to its feet and combat terrorists.”
Denmark to strengthen its contribution to Afghanistan
Danish ISAF soldiers meet with local Afghanis. After more than a decade of combat operations they withdrew in 2014 leaving a small contingent to train local forces (Photo: NATO)

As the Ministry of Defence announced, the contingent of 80 Danish soldiers will be enhanced with the deployment of 18 more in Kabul area. Denmark maintained a combat force in Afghanistan until January 2014, when they left the country. However, the government decided to deploy new troops and F-16 fighter aircraft. Their mission is to advise, support and train the local security forces.

In addition, the Danish government has committed to provide USD15 million per year up until 2020.

Defence Minister Peter Christensen said that the new contribution is a proof of Denmark’s solidarity both towards Afghanistan and the international allies.

Almost a month ago, the Danish parliament voted in favour of sending troops to Iraq and Syria, to fight against the Islamic State at the side of the “Syrian Democratic Forces”. The Danish contribution includes 400 soldiers 60 of which will be from the Special Forces, seven Lockheed Martin F-16 fighter jets and a Lockheed Martin C-130J cargo aircraft that will transport the troops and equipment as well as air drop supplies to the fighting forces and civilians.



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