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Cambium Networks to exhibit its Quick Deploy Positioner device during SOFEX 2016 31105162.

| 2016
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Amman, Jordan
9 - 12 May 2016
Cambium Networks at SOFEX 2016
Cambium Networks to exhibit its Quick Deploy Positioner device during SOFEX 2016
Cambium Networks™, a leading global provider of wireless broadband solutions, debuted the Quick Deploy Positioner, a device used to initiate rapid connectivity for point-to-point and point-to-multipoint wireless broadband network deployments. The Quick Deploy Positioner automatically establishes wireless high capacity broadband connectivity in less than three minutes without the need for an RF expert to manually align the antenna.
Cambium Networks to exhibit its Quick Deploy Positioner device during SOFEX 2016 640 001Cambium Networks exhibiting at SOFEX 2016

By increasing the level of integration, the Quick Deploy Positioner achieves a new level of affordability opening up many new applications and use cases previously unachievable.This new solution from Cambium meets the needs and requirements of national defense, state and local government, border security, oil and gas, and first responder customers for rapid deployment and automatic positioning in rugged and rapidly evolving environments.

In addition to disaster response applications, the Quick Deploy Positioner supports oil and gas operators in rapidly establishing broadband communication networks in oil fields undergoing turn-arounds and relocation of wellheads. The Quick Deploy Positioner is also ideal for Internet service providers looking to quickly deploy temporary networks in rural areas.

- Key features of the Quick Deploy Positioner include: Connectivity in less than 3 minutes without the need for RF or antenna alignment expertise
- Compatibility with Cambium’s PTP 650, PTP 700, PTP 450i and PMP 450i
- Significantly lower price point than previously achievable in an automatic aligning positioner.
- Simple “turn-key” package of automatic positioning functionality “Cambium Networks continues to invest in industrial and mission critical communications and to respond to the needs of those markets,” said Bruce Collins, Product Manager at Cambium Networks.

“The launch of the Quick Deploy Positioner showcases our long-term experience in delivering the products that make these networks agile, reliable and secure while ultimately serving the mission’s needs. Additionally, we’re thrilled to have worked with BATS to collaborate on this fully-integrated, cost-effective platform.”

“We’ve worked together to ensure the tight integration of Cambium’s radios with our industry-proven BATS technology in the Quick Deploy Positioner,” said Bob Peterson, CEO, BATS Wireless. “BATS Wireless is proud to have partnered with the Cambium Networks team to facilitate rapidly deployable, reliable broadband for mission critical communications.”


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