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US to deploy Special Forces inside Syria 43010153.

| 2015
Defence & Security News - (USA)
US to deploy Special Forces inside Syria
The US Government has taken an important decision in its policy regarding Syria and the Islamic State. The Obama Administration has authorized today the deployment of Special Forces troops inside Syria’s territory.
US to deploy Special Forces inside Syria
(Photo: US Army Special Operations Command)

The decision marks the start of a sustained deployment of US ground troops in the area, in an effort to fight the Islamic State and other terrorist groups. It is not considered a change in policy but an intensification of the current one. According to US officials, the Special Forces total strength will be around 50 people.

The Special Forces teams will be deployed in northern Syria, where they will train, advise and assist Kurdish fighters, the Syrian Arab Coalition and other friendly groups, in their fight against IS. They will also continue the operations they have already carried out, which included coordination of air strikes by coalition aircraft.

Although such missions have been executed in the past, now they will be more consistent and more intense. It is reminded that USAF’s ground attack A-10 aircraft have been deployed in Turkey. Therefore, the US Special Forces will most probably carry out highly technical mission, such target designation and air strike coordination. It is worth mentioning that the deployment of the troops comes shortly after the Obama Administration decided to scrap the plans to train Syrian rebels, as the whole project did not produce the required number of skilled fighters.


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