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The Peruvian Army officially inducts 27 NORINCO Type 90B Multiple Launch Rocket Systems 22307152.

| 2015
Defence & Security News - Peru
The Peruvian Army officially inducts 27 NORINCO Type 90B Multiple Launch Rocket Systems
The Peruvian President Ollanta Humala participated in the ceremony marking the official presentation of the 27 Type 90B multiple rocket launcher systems aimed at equipping and training purposes for the benefit of the Peruvian Army’s Artillery compound. The official ceremony, held at the Lima Military Academy, saw the participation of the Peruvian Defense Minister Jakke Valakivi.
The Peruvian Army officially inducts 27 NORINCO Type 90B Multiple Launch Rockets Systems 640 001Peruvian Army's newly acquired Type 90B 122mm Multiple Launch Rocket Systems
(Peruvian Defense Ministry)
Peru's Chief of Joint Armed Forces, Admiral Jorge Moscoso; the General Commander of the Peruvian Army, Ronald Hurtado; the General Commander of the Peruvian Navy, Edmundo Deville and the General Comander of the Air Force, Dante Arevalo, also participated in the ceremony as did other officials and authorities.

In his speech, the Peruvian Army General Commander thanked the government for the concretizing the deal, which led to the weapon acquisition.

Likewise, he assured the modern artillery will lead to modernizing the Army’s weapon and service capacities.

After the ceremony, President Humala and Minister Valakivi headed to the Peruvian Army Artillery Academy to unveil the plaque, which will remain as the symbol of this acquisition.

According to the Defense Ministry, the 27 rocket launchers will enable to boost training of Army officials, who have been educated abroad, so those will share the acquired knowledge with their colleagues.

The MLRS have been acquired through public tender INTER 13-2013-EP / UO 734-1, which in December 2013 awarded Norinco the contract for the manufacture and delivery of the new vector MLRS for the Peruvian Army, for a total amount of 38,584,300 dollars.

The Type 90B is the second generation of Type 90 series MLRS (Multiple Launch Rocket System) of 122mm caliber. The weapon system is designed and manufactured by the Chinese Defense Company NORINCO. The first version of Type 90 MLRS was unveiled in the mid-1990s, followed by the Type 90B in 2004.

The 122 mm Type 90B multiple launch rocket system is a mobile fire support system for the destruction of a variety of targets by means of multiple barrages of up to 40 rockets at a time. The Type 90B is able to be in combat position, to fire and leave its firing position in less than 7 minutes

The Type 90B MLRS fires 122mm fin-stabilized rockets and use a composite solid propellant. The rockets can reach a range from 20 to 40 km depending on the rocket type. These rockets can be equipped with the following warhead types: standard High Explosive (HE), High-efficiency HE containing steel balls for greater fragmentation effect, High-efficiency HE Incendiary (HEI), Cargo containing anti-personnel/anti-tank sub-munitions, Mine containing anti-tank mines.



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