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Thailand unveils new 155 mm ATMOS self-propelled howitzer mounted on a TATRA 6x6 truck 402102015.

| 2015
Defence & Security News - Thailand
Thailand unveils new 155 mm ATMOS self-propelled howitzer mounted on a TATRA 6x6 truck
The Thai military's Weapon Industry Centre unveils new Autonomous Truck-Mounted Gun (ATMG) ATMOS caliber of 155 mm / 52 mounted on 10-tonne TATRA 6x6 truck provided by the Israeli company Elbit Systems Ltd.
Joint with the Center for Artillery Weapons, they have made improvement program of the Atmos artillery in a series of Israeli company Elbit Systems that has a range of 40 km. This new mobile howitzer will be in service with the 721st Artillery Battalion of the Royal Thai Army to replace the M-109A5.

The Israeli company Elbit Systems Ltd. announced on August 16, 2015, that it was awarded an approximately $27 million contract for the supply of command and control systems and ATMOS long-range artillery systems to an Asia-Pacific country which is finally Thailand. This contract is a follow-on contract for this customer and will be performed over a three-year period.

Elbit Systems’ ATMOS is a Soltam Systems 155mm/52 caliber truck-mounted howitzer. Highly adaptable, the modular ATMOS system is compatible with any 6x6 or 8x8 high-mobility tactical truck. ATMOS supplies fire support for all types of missions and can be easily interfaced with customers’ existing C4 .I systems.

The protected cabin of the ATMOS is designed for a crew of 5-6 personnel. The ATMOS achieves ranges exceeding 40km with ERFB-BB ammunition and suitable propelling charge. The ATMOS can fire all types of qualified 155mm ammunition, projectiles and charges that are in use by NATO and other countries. The system provides a rate of fire of between 4 and 9 rds/min.


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