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MSPO 2015: PIAP discloses its Multistriker Multifunctional Pyrotechnic Device 20209155.

| 2015
MSPO 2015
Official Foreign Online Show Daily News and Official Web TV
International Defense Industry Exhibition & conference
1 - 4 September 2015
Kielce , Poland
PIAP at MSPO 2015
MSPO 2015: PIAP unveils its Multistriker Multifunctional Pyrotechnic Device
Unveiled for the first time at MSPO 2015 in Kielce, Poland, PIAP's Multistriker is a device used to carry out tasks supporting the actions of pyrotechnic, shock and engineering units. It is designed for use wherever the need is to apply high energy in a short time to achieve the desired effect. The device uses the strike force of a sliding working piston powered by burnt powder gases.
MSPO 2015 PIAP unveils its Multistriker Multifunctional Pyrotechnic Device 640 001PIAP Multistriker Multifunctional Pyrotechnic Device unveiled at MSPO 2015
The PIAP Multistriker pyrotechnic device can perform a comprehensive range of tasks, including: knocking windows, knocking holes in surfaces and lock fittings or other small parts; piercing objects, e.g. tires; breaking hinges; cutting metal rods, cables, wires, chains, tubes; cutting off elements, or even initiating non-electric detonators such as STS, NDS, NONEL.

Exchangeable operating tips offer virtually unlimited possibilities of use of the device. A repeating device (6 to 10 rounds in the magazine) with an automatic reload and a function of quick, manual exchange of the magazine. The basic operating tips include cutter for cable, wire and rod; punches for windows and other components, triggers to initiate explosion with non-electric detonation systems, knives and blades. PIAP also offers the possibility of designing tips for specific needs of the user.

PIAP Multistriker has double protection against accidental release of the striker (manual and automatic) which secures the trigger system. As a result, an accidental fall does not cause unintentional discharge of the device.

The Multistriker features easy and intuitive assessment of arming of the device ensured by graphical markings on its mechanisms.

PIAP Multistriker can be used alone on a tripod, triggered by a dedicated remote control or as an accessory mounted on all mobile robots produced by PIAP and released from their control panels.




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