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MKU Introduces New Trauma Reduction Technology for Helmets at IDEX 2015.

| 2015
MKU at IDEX 2015
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IDEX 2015
International Defence Exhibition & Conference

22 - 26 February 2015
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
MKU Introduces New Trauma Reduction Technology for Helmets at IDEX 2015
MKU, a leading manufacturer of armour solutions for personnel and platforms, is showcasing the pathbreaking new RHT Technology for helmets that offers Double Protection to soldiers. It protects soldiers from bullets and fragments, reducing the resultant trauma occurring from the impact of bullets and fragments on the helmet shell by over 40% (as compared to standard helmets) according to tests conducted by HP White Laboratory, USA.
MKU provides equipment in over 100 countries (Photo MKU)
“The effect of resultant trauma in helmets can be dangerous and can lead to serious types of head and skull injuries. It is a known and growing concern of armed forces worldwide. This revolutionary technology will
contain the incidents of such injuries substantially,” says Neeraj Gupta, Managing Director.

Also on display at IDEX 2015 will be a range of personal and platform armouring products manufactured using the 6th Generation Armouring Technology launched by MKU recently. These solutions are 40% lighter, thinner and more flexible compared to standard solutions in the market. This substantial reduction in weight offers more agility, speed, endurance and maneuverability to soldiers while carrying out their missions.

MKU has been at the forefront of technology and has constantly endeavored to develop lighter and more flexible ballistic protection solutions for the modern soldier. Body armour made using the latest Gen 6 armour technologies, Ammoflex 6 and Polyshield 6 were also on display at the exhibition. These are up to 40% lighter and offer excellent multi-hit protection. Conforming to the stringent NIJ 0101.06 and VPAM standards these provide the soldier with unrestricted movement, flexibility and comfort. Such solutions are ideal for Special Forces which need to carry out quick missions.

Over the years MKU has introduced several pioneering products which employ leading edge technology. These include Instavest, a quick release body armour and Boltfree technology for helmets. MKU was setup in 1985 and till date has provided protection to over 1.5 million soldiers and over 1500 platforms. Its products are used and trusted by more 230 forces in over 100 countries including the UN and NATO.



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