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MineWolf Systems' unmanned Mini MineWolf MW240 introduced at IDET 2015 2005153.

| 2015
IDET 2015
Official Online Show Daily News and Official Web TV
International Defence & Security Technologies Fair

19 - 21 May 2015
Brno, Czech Republic
MineWolf Systems at IDET 2015
MineWolf Systems' unmanned Mini MineWolf MW240 introduced at IDET 2015
MineWolf's range of clearance platforms are currently deployed throughout Europe, Africa, Asia, South America and the Middle East, aiding military, commercial and humanitarian organisations rid the land of landmines, unexploded ordnance and improvised explosive devices (IEDs) to make the world a safer place. At IDET 2015, Swiss company MineWolf has particulary focused its presence on the unmanned Mini MineWolf MW240.
MineWolf Systems unmanned Mini MineWolf MW240 introduced at IDET 2015 640 002MineWolf Systems Mini MineWolf MW240 unmanned clearance platform at IDET 2015
The unmanned Mini MineWolf (MW240) is the most widely deployed and versatile of the MineWolf platforms, with over 60 machines currently in use in 21 countries. In 2011, the UK Ministry of Defence bought ten MW240 platforms, complete with camera systems and a range of tools for the clearance of explosive devices to enhance safety and aid their counter-IED fight in Afghanistan. The British troops used them as a key tool for clearing routes from IEDs, providing much needed protection for the soldiers and enabling greater freedom of movement to conduct operations.

The German Army (Bundeswehr) procured seven Mini MineWolf platforms as part of their ‘Route Clearance Package’ in Afghanistan. The Germans conducted rigorous tests on the MW240 in Germany before deploying the platforms with camera systems and a range of attachments, including flails, tillers, dozer shields and the robotic arm with front-end tools specially designed for German Army requirements. The machines proved to be a valuable asset for the clearance of explosive devices and also for general engineering tasks in camp. The partnership with the Bundeswehr has led to further design and developments, including attachments and a transport frame.

The Irish Defence Forces also have two MW240s. Originally purchased with tiller and flail for mine clearance, they have recently procured the robotic arm attachments so that the platforms can also be used for counter-IED and search operations. The flexibility of the system is that attachments can be added as new operational requirements emerge. The MW240 is deployed with other militaries and security forces in the Middle East and Asia with a variety of attachments for the protection of troops and maintenance of internal security. The MW240 is widely used in Africa for humanitarian mine clearance and troops from the United Nations Peacekeeping mission in Mali also have two MW240s in theatre to protect their troops from the threat of landmines and IEDs. Both the UN platforms are equipped with the tiller and robotic arm attachments, which can be quickly interchanged, depending upon the threat being faced.

"For the Czech Republic and other NATO countries, it makes sense to have such versatile platforms as part of their military equipment portfolio to counter the range of explosive hazards faced when deploying overseas," released MineWolf at IDET 2015 exhibition.




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