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Milrem unveils the first hybrid unmanned tracked vehicle at DSEI: the UGV Type 1 21809153.

| 2015
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DSEI 2015 International Defence & Security equipment
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15 - 18 September 2015
London, United Kingdom
Milrem at DSEI 2015
Milrem unveils the first hybrid unmanned tracked vehicle at DSEI: the UGV Type 1
Estonian defence company Milrem is unveiling the prototype of the first hybrid unmanned multi-mission tracked vehicle in the world at this year’s leading defence and security event DSEI, which is being held in London, UK. Showcased in full scale, the first prototype of the UGV Type 1.
Milrem unveils the first hybrid unmanned tracked vehicle at DSEI the UGV Type 1 640 001Milrem's UGV Type 1 hybrid unmanned tracked vehicle at DSEI 2015
Milrem's UGV Type 1 features strong mobility capbilities. It features an hybrid powerpack, comprising a diesel generator, Li-ion battery packs and graphene ultracapacitors allowing speeds of 25-50 km/h. These high-capability powerpack allows up to 8 hours of nominal work. The powerpack is completely fitted inside each track module, each module being entirely similar. This allow greater maintainability of the UGV.

The UGV Type 1 has a length of 2000 mm, a base width of 900-2100 mm and a base height of 900 mm. It also presents a zero turning radius.

Weighing only 750 kg with a payload of up to 700 kg, the UGV can adopt several different configurations as a remote weapon station, remote observation and sensor vehicle, transport platform for the wounded and many other functions that can pass through any terrain imaginable, be it snow, sand or swamp. Demining platform, communication relay, lifting platform or even fire-fighting missions will be also considered, according to Milrem.
Milrem unveils the first hybrid unmanned tracked vehicle at DSEI the UGV Type 1 640 002Milrem's UGV Type 1 can be fitted with several armament or logistical modules
Most of the unmanned solutions created so far are intended to perform one specific task, i.e. small bomb robots. The UGV concept that Milrem has developed is universal and will effectively supplement defence capabilities on a battalion level,” said Kuldar Väärsi, CEO of Milrem. “Unmanned ground vehicles will be a big part of the modernisation of military capabilities in the next 5 to 10 years,” he added.

The UGV has been developed in cooperation with the Estonian Ministry Of Defence and the Estonian Defence Forces. Milrem is also cooperating with different universities and companies in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, including Tallinn University of Technology, University of Tartu, Estonian National Defence College and Lithuanian Center for Physical Sciences and Technology. Milrem is a member of the Estonian Defence Industry Association.

According to Milrem, the field test campaign is about to begin. Once the base platform fully developped, Milrem will propose variants, then will start developing an autonomous control system and, in the future, swarming capabilities.



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