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Mercedes-Benz unveils new Zetros 1833A 4x4 off-road truck with tank body at IDEX 2015.

| 2015
Official Online Daily News
IDEX 2015
International Defence Exhibition & Conference

22 - 26 February 2015
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Mercedes-Benz unveils new Zetros 1833A 4x4 off-road truck with tank body at IDEX 2015
During IDEX 2015, German vehicles manufacturer Mercedes-Benz showcased a new variant of its Zetros 4x4 off-road truck especially dedicated to help in frontline airstrips logistic. The Zetros 1833A 4x4 employs proven engineering and technology from the area of volume production , and has been optimised for deployment on rough tracks and off-road use.
Mercedes Benz unveils new Zetros 1833A 4x4 off road truck with tank body t IDEX 2015 640 002Mercedes-Benz's new Zetros 1833A 4x4 off-road truck with tank body
A broad range of available equipment options enables the robust basic vehicle to be adapted to customers' diverse requirements, providing solutions tailored to the needs of modern armed forces.

The Zetros 1833A 4x4 cab-behind-engine vehicle is the carrier and energy supplier for the mobile refuelling station which is able to reach any destination, also along unsurfaced roads and in off-road terrain, even in extreme climatic conditions and in harsh environments. In accordance with ADR (European Agreement Concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road), the vehicle is suitable for transporting various categories of flammable materials – from diesel to aviation fuel.

With this exhibit, Mercedes-Benz is presenting a variant developed in cooperation with bodybuilder Esterer as a mobile refuelling station, e.g. for helicopters away from their bases and at frontline airstrips.
Mercedes Benz unveils new Zetros 1833A 4x4 off road truck with tank body t IDEX 2015 640 001Mercedes-Benz's new Zetros 1833A 4x4 off-road truck with tank body
The new Esterer airfield tank body comprises a tank for 7000 l of aviation fuel and a tank system which is capable of refuelling two helicopters simultaneously in two minutes at a rate of 250 l/min.

Owing to its design as a cab-behind-engine vehicle, the Zetros 4x4 with tank body has a low overall height and is suitable for loading onto many types of transport plane in conjunction with its long wheelbase. This means that it can be transported quickly to any deployment location and is able to overcome the inadequacies of the given infrastructure, particularly in initial operations and humanitarian deployments. With radio and command equipment, the Zetros can be deployed as an individual vehicle or as part of a logistics network.



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