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Indian indigenously built Dhanush 155mm howitzer successfully pass technical tests 2804152.

| 2015
Defence & Security News - India
Indian indigenously built Dhanush 155mm howitzer successfully pass technical tests
The indigenously designed and manufactured 155/45 calibre artillery gun, Dhanush has successfully met all technical parameters during the winter and summer trials. Informing the Members of Parliament of the Consultative Committee attached to his Ministry, the Defence Minister Shri Manohar Parrikar said on April 27. Dhanush incorporates many improved features than the guns which the Army is possessing at present.
Indian indigenously built Dhanush 155mm howitzer successfully pass technical testsPrototype 6 of Indian-made Dhanush 155mm 45 calibre towed howitzer at Defexpo 2014, Defense Exhibition in New Delhi, India

The Consultative Committee was discussing the Role Performance and Future of Ordnance Factory Board (OFB), one of the oldest and largest production organisation of the Ministry of Defence. OFB is a conglomerate of 39 ordnance factories with another two new projects being set up at Nalanda in Bihar and Korwa in Uttar Pradesh.

The Dhanush is a 155 mm/45 calibre, the use of a longer barrel increases the maximum firing range. Currently, the Indian army standard towed howitzer is the Bofors 155mm 39 calibre which has a maximum effective range of 27 km, while the Dhanush can fire up to 38 km.

According to Indian Army officials, The Dhanush could fire eight rounds per minute, while the Bofors has a rate of fire of three rounds per 14 seconds. It’s also equipped with computerized fire control.

Shri Parrikar said another notable achievement of OFB in the recent time has been the indigenous development of 40mm Multi Grenade Launcher (MGL) for 40 x 46mm Low Velocity Grenades (LVG). He also said the ‘Ghaatak’ (7.62x39mm) Assault Rifle (AR) developed through in-house Research and Development has met all the parameters as per the General Staff Qualitative Requirements (GSQRs) during the trial evaluation by Para Military Forces under the Ministry of Home Affairs.

The Defence Minister said the Ministry has taken a number of initiatives towards improving the performance of OFB. This includes efforts to operate OFB on a Corporate model (not Corporatise) with a commercial accounting system. The procurement manual has also been revised keeping in view the Make In India plan to facilitate long term procurement.

Shri Parrikar said Quality Audit of eight factories will be undertaken by a globally reputed firm to improve upon the existing processes and attain Zero Defect production system.

He said OFB is undergoing a paradigm shift from that of a manufacturer of defence equipment to a Complete Solution Provider. OFB’s new role will encompass design, development, bulk production and life cycle sustenance equipment.

Shri Parrikar said OFB would be made into a lead integrator of major platforms and as a manufacturer of world class defence equipment. With the offset regime in place, OFB is also looking forward towards delivering many sub-systems to leading overseas players.

During the discussion, Members of Parliament appreciated the contribution of OFB towards national security and for the transformation it has undertaken over the years. Some Members wanted that a manufacturing unit of OFB should be set up in the North – East.

Danush howitzer are supposerd to replace the Swedish made FH-77 155mm howitzer currently in service in Indian army/ The army has ordered 116 guns from the government's ordnance factory and could increase the order to 416 pieces of artillery.
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