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Czech Army showcases high capabilities counter-IED solutions at IDET 2015 4005153.

| 2015
IDET 2015
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International Defence & Security Technologies Fair

19 - 21 May 2015
Brno, Czech Republic
Czech Republic at IDET 2015
Czech Army showcases high capabilities counter-IED solutions at IDET 2015
Since 2009, the Czech Army is using the products of Czech company URC Systems, which is specialized in jammers and Electronic Warfare-equipment. At IDET 2015, the Czech Armed Forces are showcasing their counter-IED equipment, among them the LMV STAR V counter-IED vehicle, the SYMON Light Portable Radio Surveillance Station.
Czech Army showcases high capabilities counter IED solutions at IDET 2015 640 001Czech Army STAR V counter-IED vehicle at IDET 2015
Based on the well-known IVECO LMV Light Multirole Vehicle, the LMV Star V vehicle has been used by the Czech Army since 7 years. The vehicle was succesfully used during combat missions in Afghanistan from 2009-2012.

Czech Army's LMV Star V is carrying URC Star 740 jamming system. Protection modular jamming system STAR V 740 is intended for protection against radio controlled improvised devices (RCEID). The system prevents activation of RCEID eventually it can significantly reduce the distance for bomb activation. The system is used to protect the special EOD teams or for convoy protection. The jamming is realized by random frequency sweeping in a few frequencies sub bands at the same time. Each sub band has possibility to set up to two communication windows for mutual radio communication. The jamming system is equipped by 8 wideband transmitters, 3 low pass filters, 1 combiner, 6 omnidirectional antennas and 8 wideband digital exciters. The jammer frequency is from 20-2,500 MHz. Star V 740 system's sub bands are: VHF, UHF1, UHF2, UHF3, GSM, DCS, UMTS, and WiFi.

The higher level of jamming efficiency is accomplished by using more parallel subsystems and digital technology. The jamming system is intended as a mobile system which is installed in the vehicle. It is equipped with the omnidirectional antennas which are part of the system. The output power of the jammer is up to 740 W. The jamming system is easy controlled and the failures are easy diagnosed. It is controlled from the front panel. Operator can switch on/off particular transmitting systems and subsystems, set up to three jamming sub bands in each. Dwell time in each sub band can be also modified. Jammer is equipped by IP, RS 485 and USB interface. System is also equipped by special SW which can be installed on notebook or PC. Special remote control box is also included. The system is supplied by 22 V to 30 Volts.
Czech Army showcases high capabilities counter IED solutions at IDET 2015 640 002URC SYMON Light Portable Radio Surveillance Station showcased on Czech Army's booth at IDET 2015
Also used in the Czech Army is the URC Symon Light Portable Radio Surveillance Station. Symon Light is a portable system (manpack) for monitoring of the radio spectrum in range from 20 MHz up to 3 GHz. It is designed to be used by the army and police units as well as special forces. SYMON Light is constructed for an outside use in adverse weather conditions and wide range of operating temperatures. A typical application of SYMON Light is to be used by military patrols for automated monitoring of selected frequency bands, an evaluation of radio situation and a record of the radio targets activity which meet user defined parameters (time, a geographical location of SYMON Light, threat, new target, ...).

The system operates in the following modes: surveillance, collection, and detection.

The surveillance mode is used at the patrol post. It is controlled by an operator and enables an automated collection of the signal of interest. The operator controls the system with an integrated rugged notebook/tablet. According to the set up and configuration the operator is able to monitor particular frequency bands, listen to a demodulated signal or record an IF signal at a selected frequency. The searching and jamming frequency is from 25-512 MHz. Symon Light has an endurance of 60 min in full-power jamming and searching modes.

The collection mode is designed to collect information about radio operation without being directly controlled by an operator. To do list is loaded into the system before it starts working. The activities carried out in this mode are as follows:
- A spectrum record in the monitored frequency

- Detection of activities according to set parameters at selected frequencies or bands

- A priority selection of detected activities

- A record of a demodulated signal or an IF signal at one or more particular frequencies (according to the HW configuration)

- Adding a record of carried out activities and about all files created by system into the database

When in detection mode, the system autonomously monitors particular radio frequency bands and focuses on detection of activities in the nearest surroundings. It warns the operator about the detected activity and provides its record or listening in real time. The main purpose is to alert the operator (patrol) about the radio signal activity in the nearest surroundings.

The user’s interface is an integrated and resistant notebook/ tablet and a control unit equipped with a 4 graphic touch screen. The control unit shows the status of the system and the most important information about the monitored frequency (or frequencies in case of multiple receivers in the system) and enables to suppress the detection of activities at frequencies which do not appear as dangerous. The unit is placed on the operator‘s wrist.

All records are provided with information about proper place and time because the system is equipped with a GPS signal receiver. The maps layout of action area and the Geo3D application enable to determine the actual position and basic navigation if needed. The system is designed to be modular; other receivers, direction finder or a jamming module might be added and thus the deployment options of the system might be extended.



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