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BAE Systems submits its bid for the Australian Land 400 Phase 2 programme 40409154.

| 2015
Defence & Security News - (Australia)
BAE Systems submits its bid for the Australian Land 400 Phase 2

BAE Systems submitted its bid for the Australian Army’s Land 400 Phase 2 programme. Being the prime contractor, the company has teamed with Patria to offer the AMV35 Combat Reconnaissance Vehicle with the BAE Systems Hagglunds E35 turret.

BAE Systems AMV35 E35 Turret Australia LAND400 Phase2
Patria AMV35 IFV with the BAE Systems Hagglunds E35 turret

The Patria AMV has been produced in more than 1,400 units worldwide and has been combat proven with the Polish Army in Afghanistan.

The E35 turret has been fitted to the CV90 family of vehicles, which are used by seven nations and the operations in Afghanistan.

BAE Systems Australia Chief Executive Glynn Phillips said: “The AMV35 is a low risk and affordable step change in mounted combat reconnaissance that can be easily configured to suit the Army’s expectations now and into the future.

“We look forward to being the given the chance to demonstrate the exceptional capabilities of this armoured vehicle system.”

If selected, the BAE Systems/Patria team will manufacture and support the AMV35 in Australia, securing and retaining in-country capability, and contributing significantly to the Australian economy throughout the expected 30+ year life of the vehicles.

The BAE Systems-led team is committed to ensuring a high level of Australian content and industry capability development. The decision to manufacture the vehicle in Australia assures that there will be opportunities for involvement and content for Australian suppliers.




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