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At IDEX 2015, CZ is not only showcasing weapons, but also Body Armor.

| 2015


CZ at IDEX 2015
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IDEX 2015
International Defence Exhibition & Conference

22 - 26 February 2015
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
At IDEX 2015, CZ is not only showcasing weapons, but also Body Armor
CZ FENIX Protector represents whole system of tactical equipment, where all items of the system are mutually compatible and enable use in perfect harmony with each other. Body armors, backpacks, pouches and other tactical equipment are fully functional and are designed to enable long-term use, with minimum of restrictions to user and together with maximum of comfort.


Real warriors know, how important is to be in harmony with their arms and equipment, because in combat situation in no time for half-way and unreliable solutions. FENIX Protector is designed, projected and made by professionals for professional.

Tactical body armors and concealed body armors from FENIX Protector are designed with stress on two main aspects – maximum protection and maximum comfort. Due to special design of armor shape the weight of armor is moved at maximum body area. This is done all without unsuitable reinforcements, braces and similar solutions. At the same time tactical body armor FENIX Protector offer the largest area covered by ballistic protective material all over the world. FENIX vest offers up to 30% better body coverage than competing products at the same weight and the highest degree of wearability and comfort. Due to this feature they offer incomparably higher chance to survive and decrease the risk of gunshot wound at the most.

Weight of the body armor is transferred on chest and back of user, not only on shoulders, due to unique shape. By this will never happen overload on shoulders as usually happens with all ordinary body armors and plate carriers. FENIX combat body armor is not meant for those who care only about their look, but for real warriors.
At IDEX 2015, CZ is not only showcasing weapons, but also Body ArmorCZ Ballistic vests at IDEX 21015
Vest design permits the fatest pullover on the body and immediate 100% coverage of protected parts of the body. Time needed to put on the vest is 3-5 sec. according to the degree of training. This feature, together with a simple system without using Velcro fastening zip is very useful in combat deployment, for example in case of sudden base attack when time to put on the vest plays a very important role.

As well as being quickly put on, FENIX vest body armor is equipped with a quick release. The system ensures totally reliable release of the vest at all conditions using one motion. You can use 2 types of release, each designed for different situations (to decrease load, in case of fall into the water, medical assistance). The 2 systems work independtly and are functional in any configuration of the vest. Vest was tested in the course of development in terms of access of medical personnel to the users and this aspect achieves the best results in the world.

FENIX vest is designed so that when used and handled, avoids formation of any sound, such as in case of use of Velcro fasteners. This feature allows its use for reconnaissance and Special Forces, when eg changing changing clothes, etc will not reveal position of the user.

At the construction phase of the vest, there wad paid very special attention on heat dissipation and moisture from the space between the user's body and the inside part of jacket and thus achieve further improvements in comfort when wearing the vest. The vest is also designed to compensate the difference of weight of the equipment in front and rear part of the vest and eliminate the excessive overweight of the shoulders and neck parts of the body. Thanks to the integrated water bag in rear part of the vest is a load carried by the material vest (especially ammunition in the front of the vest) distributed evenly.

FENIX Protector ballistic vest are designed to be quickly and silently removed if needed. This asset comes as a result of the feedback of Special Unit Operator. FENIX Protector has been selected to provide ballistic vest to Czech army.
At IDEX 2015, CZ is not only showcasing weapons, but also Body ArmorCZ stand at IDEX 2015


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