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ARMY 2015, a new international military-technical forum will take place in Russia in June 2015.

| 2015
Defence & Security Exhibition Events - ARMY 2015
ARMY 2015, a new international military-technical forum will take place in Russia in June 2015
Russian Ministry of Defence of Russian Federation to arrange International military and technical forum to demonstrate forward-looking ideas and achievements of high-tech industry. Corporations, R&D institutions, higher education establishments, defence industry businesses, military weapons and equipment developers and manufacturers from all over the world will show their latest achievements in hi-tech production.

The Forum is geared towards demonstrating capabilities of scientific organizations, defence industry businesses, weapons and equipment production, innovative technologies, both from Russia and abroad, as well as enable cooperation between leading foreign military goods developers and Russia’s scientific organizations and defence industry businesses.

Within the exhibition program of the forum there will be exposition, demonstration, scientific and business activities.

The exposition of the International Forum is organized through thematic clusters according to the structure of the Armed Forces and the Russian Defence Ministry.

Each military administrative body will be represented by a separate stand which will be surrounded by expositions of enterprises and organizations of its field.

The demonstration program includes presentation of production samples of the enterprises of Military Industrial Complex and the Russian Defence Ministry. 120 pieces of military equipment of Land Force, Air Space Defence, Airborne troops and Navy will show their ride characteristics and firing capabilities within Army, Aviation and Maritime cluster.

Science and business program of the International military and technical forum “Army-2015” includes holding research and practice conferences, seminars, plenary meetings, round tables and presentations of new technologies and samples of armament, military and special equipment. There will also be discussed topical issues of armament and military equipment development as well as creation of scientific and technical starting in the field of innovations.


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