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Colombia Enhances Surveillance Capabilities with Israeli VTOL Thunder B Drones.

According to the Spanish newspaper Infodefensa, dated May 16, 2024, the Colombian National Police (PNC) will integrate the VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing) Thunder B tactical drones from BlueBird Aero Systems into their arsenal. This technological upgrade aims to replace the BlueBird SpyLite drones, in use since 2015. The Thunder B model has been selected for its ability to meet specific intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance needs, thanks to its advanced vertical take-off and landing capabilities.

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BlueBird Thunder B Vertical Take-Off and Landing Drone (Picture source: IAI)

The PNC's choice of Thunder B drones, equipped with VTOL capabilities, demonstrates a strategic evolution in their surveillance approach. These drones, intended for intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) missions, are particularly suited to the tactical demands of the armed forces due to their agility in take-off and landing maneuvers.

According to the terms of the agreement made in 2022 with BlueBird Aero Systems, three Thunder B units will initially be received, although the exact delivery date remains to be confirmed. These advanced devices offer an impressive range of 150 kilometers and can remain on a mission for up to 13 consecutive hours, with full HD video transmission capabilities.

The technical specifications of the Thunder B are also noteworthy. The drone measures 1.9 meters in length, 4 meters in width, and 0.34 meters in height, with a maximum weight of 13 kilograms. Capable of flying at speeds up to 120 km/h, it can reach a ceiling of 5,100 meters. Take-off and landing maneuvers are powered by batteries, while horizontal flight is propelled by combustion.

This acquisition is a key step for the PNC, enhancing its ability to conduct surveillance operations more effectively and with high-tech technology, suited to the varied challenges of modern security and defense missions. The Thunder B drones are thus expected to play a crucial role in Colombia's intelligence strategies, demonstrating the country's ongoing commitment to improving its defense and security capabilities.

The VTOL system is designed for pinpoint vertical takeoff and landing, enabling operation in confined areas at any time. This system is highly adaptable, equipped with a range of high-performance sensors, communications tools, and sophisticated software algorithms tailored for various missions. Additionally, it ensures covert operations with minimal acoustic, visual, thermal, and radar signatures, and it is engineered to maintain functionality in environments where GPS is compromised, thanks to its multi-layer protection against GPS jamming.

The system also features advanced datalinks that uphold mission continuity even in COMJAM environments through the integration of three communication links. It is robust and designed to operate optimally in severe weather conditions and extreme terrains. The VTOL is user-friendly, with rapid deployment capabilities, a small required crew of just two, and no necessity for a prepared area. It includes an intuitive, mission-oriented Ground Control Station (GCS). Furthermore, the system is highly reliable, incorporating multiple system redundancies and advanced, field-proven avionics. It also offers low life-cycle costs, with affordable acquisition and maintenance expenses.

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