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UAC delivers new Su-30MS2 fighters and Yak-130 trainers to Russian Ministry of Defense.

| 2023

The Irkutsk Aviation Plant of the United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) manufactured and transferred to the Russian Ministry of Defense new multirole Su-30SM2 fighters and Yak-130 combat trainer aircraft. The aviation equipment passed the necessary ground and flight tests and went to the place of duty.

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UAC transfers new Su 30MS2 fighters and Yak 130 trainers to Russian Ministry of Defense The Yak-130 combat training aircraft has been chosen as the foundational model for basic and advanced training of Russian Aerospace Forces pilots (Picture source: UAC)

The Irkutsk Aviation Plant is meeting its targets for producing new aircraft as outlined in the national defense agenda. The latest series of Yak-130 combat trainers is nearing the end of its delivery schedule for the current year. Following this, the Russian Aerospace Forces will receive the Su-30SM2, a new addition to their fleet. Production for the upcoming year's aircraft models has already commenced, as confirmed by Yuri Slyusar, head of the United Aircraft Corporation.

The Yak-130 combat training aircraft, developed by JSC OKB im. A.S. Yakovlev" (part of PJSC Yakovlev) has been chosen as the foundational model for basic and advanced training of Russian Aerospace Forces pilots. This aircraft facilitates training for pilots of 4+ and 5th generation combat aircraft. The Yak-130 is a key element of a comprehensive training system, which also includes an objective control system, computer-based classrooms, and various simulators for flight and specialized training.

The Su-30SM2 fighters are an advanced version of the models currently in use by the Russian Aerospace Forces and Navy. These aircraft have been equipped with enhanced avionics systems. Following upgrades as per the specifications of the Russian Defense Ministry, these fighters have seen a boost in their combat effectiveness, particularly in the extended range for detecting and identifying aerial targets. They are also armed with new precision weapons capable of striking targets in the air, on land, and at sea over several hundred kilometers.

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