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Russian RVV-MD2 air-to-air missile designed for Su-57 Felon dislayed at Dubai Air Show.

| 2023

According to a report by Sakshi Tiwari in the EurAsian Times, the RVV-MD2 short-range air-to-air missile, specifically designed for Russia's 5th-generation Su-57 Felon stealth aircraft, has made its debut on the international stage at the Dubai Air Show. This missile, which was initially unveiled in Moscow at the Army 2023 exhibition, was showcased as part of a static display by the Russian state arms export agency, Rosoboronexport, as reported by the European Defense Review magazine.

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Russian RVV MD2 air to air missile designed for Su 57 Felon dislayed at Dubai Air Show 1 RVV-MD air-to-air guided missile (Picture source: Rosoboronexport)

Alongside the RVV-MD2, the long-range RVV-BD air-to-air missile and the newly developed Kh-69 air-to-surface cruise missile were also exhibited. These missiles are intended for use in the weapons bay of the Su-57 Felon fighter aircraft, for which they were specifically designed. Experts had previously mentioned in August 2023 that the RVV-MD2 could be accommodated within the inner fuselage compartments of the Su-57, as well as on other aircraft such as the Su-34, Su-35, and Su-30SM. It is worth mentioning that the RVV-MD2 is already in service with the Russian Aerospace Forces.

In an interview with EDR On-Line, officials from the Russian state arms export agency Rosoboronexport asserted that American counterparts to the RVV-MD2 missile are lagging behind Russian-designed missiles by a margin of five to ten years. Viktor Murakhovsky, the editor-in-chief of the Russian defense magazine Arsenal Otechestva, explained that the RVV-MD2 is the first short-range missile to employ an inertial control system, which serves to stabilize and guide the missile during its autonomous flight. According to Murakhovsky, this missile is capable of striking targets from various angles, particularly from the rear hemisphere. In simple terms, the RVV-MD2 is launched forward, undergoes mid-air rotation, and targets an enemy aircraft that may be concealed behind the Su-57.

The RVV-MD2 missile features a combined guidance system, comprising a radio correction receiving channel, a multi-element double-channel infrared seeker with enhanced resistance to interference, and inertial guidance. Regardless of external factors, the missile can independently ascertain its coordinates. The front hemisphere homing seeker boasts a scanning area of 180 degrees, enabling it to track the evasive movements of hostile aircraft effectively. The warhead contains 8 kg of explosives, and its launch weight is approximately 106 kg. Russian media reports have emphasized that this missile can engage targets flying at speeds of up to 2,500 km/h at altitudes ranging from 20 to 20,000 meters.

Russian RVV MD2 air to air missile designed for Su 57 Felon dislayed at Dubai Air Show 3 Despite concerted efforts over the past few years, the Su-57 has yet to secure any buyers (Picture source:Twitter/Russian Air Force)

Despite concerted efforts over the past few years, the Su-57 has yet to secure any buyers. In fact, during the first day of the Dubai Airshow 2023, representatives from the Russian government expressed their hopes of finding partners for the Su-75 Checkmate development program, in addition to generating interest in the Su-57E, which is Russia's export version of the 5th-generation fighter. Despite encountering several setbacks during the Su-57's development, Moscow remains steadfast in its belief that this fighter aircraft will ultimately become a crucial piece of defense technology.

The Su-57 has reportedly been deployed in a limited capacity against Ukraine, carrying out patrols along the border and launching long-range missiles from within Russian airspace to avoid being targeted by Ukraine's formidable air defense systems.

Furthermore, Russia continues to enhance the Su-57's combat capabilities by incorporating advanced features. For example, the aircraft has been equipped with a second-stage engine known as 'Product 30,' among other upgrades.

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