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Lockheed Martin Australia selected as Australian Defence Force’s strategic partner for AIR6500.

| 2023

Lockheed Martin Australia has received with enthusiasm the recent announcement by the Australian Department of Defence, made on August 28th, designating them as the strategic partner for overseeing the AIR6500 Phase 1 (AIR6500-1) initiative.

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Lockheed Martin Australia selected as Australian Defence Forces strategic partner For AIR6500   The AIR6500-1 program is set to equip the Australian Defence Force (ADF) with a revolutionary Joint Air Battle Management System (JABMS), which will serve as the foundational architecture for the ADF's forthcoming Integrated Air and Missile Defence (IAMD) capability (Picture source: Lockheed Martin)

The AIR6500-1 program is set to equip the Australian Defence Force (ADF) with a revolutionary Joint Air Battle Management System (JABMS), which will serve as the foundational architecture for the ADF's forthcoming Integrated Air and Missile Defence (IAMD) capability. This cutting-edge system, a pioneering achievement, will significantly enhance situational awareness, fortify defense mechanisms against increasingly sophisticated airborne and missile threats, and facilitate heightened interoperability between the ADF, the United States, and allied nations.

Stephanie C. Hill, Executive Vice President of Lockheed Martin Rotary and Mission Systems, expressed their honor at being chosen as the reliable strategic partner to lead and deliver this crucial sovereign capability, working in tandem with the Australian industry to cater to the needs of the Australian Defence Force. Hill emphasized the transformative nature of Australia's AIR6500-1 program, noting its potential to establish a paradigm for global military Joint All-Domain Operations. She highlighted the program's capacity to enable the ADF to swiftly process information from various domains, with improved precision and at an expanded scale compared to present capabilities.

Since 2015, Lockheed Martin Australia has consistently demonstrated its commitment to aiding the ADF's aspiration of evolving into a fully integrated, IAMD-capable force through the AIR6500-1 initiative.

Warren McDonald, Chief Executive of Lockheed Martin Australia and New Zealand, reinforced the company's dedication to being the enduring sovereign partner for AIR6500-1. He affirmed that Lockheed Martin's approach would leverage their extensive experience in delivering effective Integrated Air and Missile Defence systems, synergizing with the capabilities of the Australian industry to construct a contemporary security capability aligned with the 21st century, safeguarding Australia and its strategic interests both now and in the future. McDonald's vision underlined the participation of Australian small to medium enterprises within the global supply chain, envisioning the creation of sovereign technologies in the IAMD realm that would ultimately be disseminated worldwide, potentially unlocking a substantial $83 billion export market for Australia's defence sector.

Lockheed Martin Australia has devised a sovereign solution for AIR6500-1, which has been meticulously developed within Australia by Australian professionals, aimed at upholding the nation's security interests. Their efforts thus far encompass the validation of over 130 Australian small to medium enterprises as prospective partners, awarding contracts to more than 10 leading-edge companies, and fostering collaboration with prime contractors like Leidos Australia, Consunet, Consilium, C4I, Silentium, Penten, Lucid Consulting Engineering, Raytheon, and Boeing. Additionally, Lockheed Martin Australia has dedicated AUD$74 million to establish an IAMD ecosystem, fostering collaboration among academia, industry, Defence, and allied partners to cultivate IAMD capabilities and generate local employment opportunities.

Investments exceeding AUD$100 million have been allocated to AIR6500, expanding the sovereign workforce to over 200 Australian staff exclusively focused on AIR6500. The Endeavour Centre, having received an investment exceeding AUD$10 million, has been upgraded to serve as a hub for collaborative innovation, war gaming, exercises, and problem-solving in partnership with the ADF and industry stakeholders.

McDonald acknowledged the collaborative approach integral to AIR6500-1's success, affirming that the program's workshare will predominantly be distributed among Australian industry partners in order to achieve its objectives.

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