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Kratos Unmanned Aerial Systems secures contract modification with US Navy.

| 2023

Kratos Unmanned Aerial Systems, a company based in Sacramento, California, has recently secured a contract modification with the U.S. Navy, amounting to $22,913,358.

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Kratos Unmanned Aerial Systems secures contract with US Navy 925 001 US XQ-58A Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. (Picture source: US DoD)

The modification of the contract extends the scope of Kratos' initial agreement, focusing on non-recurring engineering support for the XQ-58A Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV). Its integration with mission systems and subsystems is crucial to enhancing the operational efficiency and effectiveness of the Marine Corps.

A significant aspect of this contract involves flight tests and demonstration events. These tests are not just routine trials; they are critical to assessing the performance, reliability, and safety of the UAV in various simulated combat scenarios. Through these rigorous evaluations, Kratos will demonstrate the XQ-58A's capability to operate in diverse conditions and execute complex missions, thereby reinforcing the drone's role as a force multiplier.

The contract also covers the provision of associated spares, materials, and repairs, ensuring the sustainability and readiness of the UAS. This aspect is vital for maintaining the operational lifespan of the drones and minimizing downtime during missions.

The majority of the work under this contract will be carried out in Sacramento, California, where Kratos' main facilities are located. The remaining work will take place in Oklahoma City.

The XQ-58A, also known as the Valkyrie, is an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) designed to operate in high-intensity combat environments. The XQ-58A stands out for its versatility and technology. It features an aerodynamic silhouette, which enables it to maintain a low radar visibility. Additionally, its design offers great maneuverability. It is equipped with advanced communication and data-link systems, allowing it to seamlessly integrate into existing command and control networks.

The expected completion date for these tasks is September 2024, aligning with the Navy's strategic plans and schedules. The funds for this contract, corresponding to the total award value, come from the Navy's research, development, test, and evaluation budget for the fiscal year 2023.

The contract awarded to Kratos Unmanned Aerial Vehicle reflects the ongoing evolution of unmanned aerial technology in military applications. The XQ-58A UAV, with its advanced capabilities and potential for various mission roles, is poised to become a pivotal asset for the U.S. Marine Corps. This contract not only boosts the operational capabilities of the Marine Corps but also demonstrates the U.S. Navy's commitment to embracing innovative technologies to maintain strategic superiority.

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