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USA and Japan to collaborate on counter-hypersonic capabilities.

| 2022

The U.S. and Japan will bring together scientists and engineers to collaborate on emerging defense technologies, including ways to counter hypersonic missiles, U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken said on January 6.

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USA and Japan to collaborate on counter hypersonic capabilities 01 Recently, North Korea claimed to have tested a new hypersonic missile  (Picture source: Yonhap)

This was announced ahead of January 6-7 virtual U.S.-Japan Security Consultative Committee meeting between Secretary of State Blinken, Secretary of Defense Austin, Minister for Foreign Affairs Hayashi, and Minister of Defense Kishi. Blinken said the two countries would sign a new deal designed to counter emerging threats such as hypersonic and space-based weaponry, days after North Korea tested what it claimed to be a hypersonic missile. Some Japanese media reports said the projectile fell close to its Exclusive Economic Zone.

“We’re launching a new research and development agreement that will make it easier for our scientists, for our engineers and programme managers to collaborate on emerging defence related issues, from countering hypersonic threats to advancing space based capabilities,” he said at the opening of the meeting.

Blinken also revealed that Washington and Tokyo will soon sign a new five-year agreement on sharing the cost of the American military presence in Japan. This would end a Trump-era dispute that had been a significant irritant in U.S.-Japan relations. Blinken added the new deal will enable greater investment in the readiness of both countries’ forces and improve their ability to operate together.

“We remain grateful for the support that Japan continues to provide US forces deployed there and for an extraordinary level of mutual cooperation across the full spectrum of military capabilities,” he added.

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