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Poland signs procurement contract for FA-50 light attack aircraft with Korea Aerospace Industries.

| 2022

Korea Aerospace Industries Co. (KAI) announced on July 27th that it had signed a basic contract with Poland for 48 FA-50 light attack aircraft worth 3 billion dollars. The basic contract is a legal contract concluded before the execution contract in the Polish acquisition process.

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Poland signs procurement contract for FA 50 light attack aircraft with Korea Aerospace Industries 03 KAI President Ahn Hyun-ho said, "It is the beginning of joint cooperation, not simple sales." He emphasized, "As Poland started exporting 1,000 FA-50s, FA-50 customers are potential customers of the future KF-21"  (Picture source: KAI)

It is the first time in history for a finished domestic aircraft product to enter the European market, and the export contract to Poland is the largest ever in terms of volume and price.

Based on a strategic partnership with the Polish government and local companies, KAI plans to establish the FA-50 MRO center and promote it in stages to secure local production capacity.

In the mid- to long-term, the establishment and operation of an international flight training school using the FA-50 of the Polish Air Force will be promoted. If the demand for pilot training in Europe is met, the Polish economy is expected to revitalize.

KAI has set key countries for each region around the world, such as Europe, Africa, Southeast Asia, the United States, South America, and Australia, and is conducting intensive marketing activities through stable operation support and continuous performance improvement of aircraft in exporting countries.

In particular, it recently signed a TA (Teaming Agreement) with LM to win an order for the US Navy and Air Force tactical trainer project, which is expected to be 500 units.

If the export to the US succeeds, the FA-50 will quickly emerge as a game changer in the advanced, tactical, and light attack aircraft market, and it is expected that it will be able to dominate the global light attack aircraft market.

Poland signs procurement contract for FA 50 light attack aircraft with Korea Aerospace Industries 02 "The FA-50 is the most suitable model for the Polish Air Force because it is interoperable with our equipment and can be equipped with the latest weapons," said Mariusi Włashchak, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense of Poland (Picture source: KAI)

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