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Chinese CH-4 UAV makes maiden flight with upgraded engine.

| 2022

China's independently developed CH-4 drone with an upgraded domestic heavy-fuel engine has recently completed its maiden flight. The domestic engine enables the updated version of the CH-4 drone to fly at higher altitudes for longer endurance and with heavier loads, said the aircraft's maker on August 17.

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Chinese CH 4 UAV makes maiden flight with upgraded engine 01 CH-4 UAV showcased at China AirShow in November 2012. The CH-4 model showed during this exhibition was armed with two AR-1 short range ground-to-air missiles and two FT-5 guided-bombs (Picture source: Army Recognition)

The self-developed CH-4 drone with a heavy-fuel engine has recently completed scientific research tests in which it successfully carried out autonomous takeoff and landing, waypoint flight, full load transportation and tests under maximum flight altitudes and endurance.

The heavy-fuel engine used in the upgraded CH-4 drone was completely domestically made from development to production, said Shi Wen, chief engineer of the CH series drone.

The engine offers low fuel consumption, long flight endurance and a wide range of application environments, Shi said.

"With the new heavy-fuel aviation engine, the drone can remain in the sky for significantly longer, fly further, and reach higher cruise altitudes and ceilings. Its payload capacity has also increased by 30 to 50 percent", Shi said.

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