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US B-1B Lancer conducts Bomber Task Force mission in Norway and Sweden.

| 2021

A U.S. B-1B Lancer from the 7th Bomb Wing, Dyess Air Force Base, Texas, conducted a Bomber Task Force mission in Norway and Sweden, March 8, 2021.

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US B 1B Lancer conducts Bomber Task Force mission in Norway and Sweden A US Air Force B-1B Lancer takes off from Bodø Air Station, Norway. The B-1 conducted a "warm-pit" refuel while at Bodø, an operation that will speed up the refueling process so the bomber can more quickly return to the sky (Picture source: US Air Force)

During the flight, the B-1, alongside U.S. Special Operations Forces members, provided critical support to Norwegian and Swedish joint terminal attack control training. Additionally, the B-1 conducted a “warm-pit refuel” at Bodo Air Force Station, Norway, during which the crew stayed in the cockpit while the B-1 received fuel so that it could return to the mission more rapidly. The B-1 also integrated with four Swedish JAS-39 Gripen fighter aircraft.

There is no substitute for strong relationships with allies and partners like Norway and Sweden. These relationships are the bedrock of U.S. Air Forces in Europe-Air Forces Africa’s ability to assure both friends, and foes, of its capacity to respond to any global threat.

“It’s not every day that our bomber has the chance to play such a prominent role in training ally and partner JTACs,” said Gen. Jeff Harrigian, USAFE-AFAFRICA commander. “Opportunities to train alongside our allies, partners and U.S. Special Operations Forces in forward locations makes us the rapid, resilient and ready force we need to be.”

Bomber Task Force missions demonstrate U.S. commitment to the collective defense of the NATO alliance and are the visible demonstration of the U.S. capability of extended deterrence.

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