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Russian Helicopters will present Ansat and Mi-171A2 at SITDEF-2021.

| 2021

Russian Helicopters holding will take part in the eighth International Exhibition of Defense, Security and Disaster Prevention Technologies SITDEF-2021, which takes place in Lima from October 28 to 31 at the territory of the General Staff of the Peruvian Ground Forces. This year the holding will present to potential customers models of the light Ansat and the heavy Mi-171A2.

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Russian Helicopters will present Ansat and Mi 171A2 at SITDEF 2021

Ansat helicopter showcased at Paris Air Show 2019 (Picture source: Air Recognition)

Today, more than 350 Soviet and Russian-made helicopters, both civil and military, are in operation in Latin America. Within the framework of the exhibition, Russian Helicopters will pay special attention to holding meetings with civil operators and dealers of the aviation industry in Latin America. The delegation will hold negotiations with Peruvian partners and representatives of other countries on the renewal of the helicopter fleet, maintenance and modernization of the material base.

“Peru is one of our main partners in the South American market. More than a hundred Russian-made helicopters are in operation in the country. In particular, civil airlines and the country's armed forces have several Mi-171 helicopters in their fleets. Operators give high marks to our machines, noting their flight performance, high reliability, ease of maintenance and the ability to use in difficult conditions, ”said Andrey Boginsky, General Director of the Russian Helicopters holding.

Against the background of the growing demand for fire-fighting aviation equipment, the holding's specialists during SITDEF-2021 will tell potential customers about the experience of using Russian helicopter technology in fighting fires, including in a complex natural landscape. This year, Russian Helicopters' vehicles extinguished a fire in the Lago Penuelas Nature Reserve in Chile, defeated the elements in Mexico, where they took part in operations in the Sierra de Arteaga and Michoacan, and also fought a fire in Cuzco (Peru ).

In addition, the Latin American region shows significant potential for the development of air ambulance services. To expand the fleet of medical helicopters, the holding is ready to offer its customers Ansat, which is actively used in Russia as part of the national program for the development of medical aviation for the urgent transportation of patients, including those infected with COVID-19. It is noteworthy that Russian-made helicopters are already actively used in the interests of the regional medical services - for example, the multipurpose Mi-17s took part in operations to deliver vaccines against COVID-19 in Mexico and Peru.

The light multipurpose Ansat helicopter, which has the largest cockpit in its class, can be used in various missions: search and rescue, patrol, medical, training, cargo and passenger, VIP and fire fighting. The high-altitude tests of "Ansat" have been successfully completed, which confirmed the possibility of its operation in mountainous terrain at altitudes up to 3500 m. In some countries of Latin America, such as Brazil and Mexico, the machine has already passed preliminary certification.

The Mi-8/17 family, to which the newest Mi-171A2 belongs, has long been known in Peru. Increased power engines and an upgraded complex of flight-navigation and radio communication equipment have expanded the scope of the helicopter. They provide the Mi-171A2 with fundamentally new capabilities when operating in high-mountainous regions and areas with hot climates. The helicopter is designed for a wide range of tasks - from patrolling and coast guard to search and rescue operations and is capable of long-term non-stop flights. Currently, the Mi-171A2 has already been certified in Colombia, the certificate validation process is underway in Brazil.

Russian Helicopters will present Ansat and Mi 171A2 at SITDEF 2021 02

Mi-171A2 (Picture source: Army Recognition) (Picture source: Air Recognition)

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