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Ka-226T to complete certification in 2022.

| 2021

Russian Helicopters Holding plans to complete the certification of the latest Ka-226T multirole helicopter in 2022, CEO Andrey Boginsky told TASS.

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Ka 226T to complete certification in 2022 01

Ka-226T (Picture source: Allocer)

“Next year. Considering that we are not in a hurry and have engaged the resources of the design bureau and the test center, we will coordinate our activity with colleagues from Rosoboronexport to define priorities. We also have other projects: we need to continue work on Ka-32, Ansat-M, Mi-171A3 and Ka-62,” he said.

In addition to India, for which the helicopter has been developed, Ka-226T has also evoked interest from China and Saudi Arabia, he specified.

Russia unveiled upgraded Ka-226T helicopter at Dubai Airshow 2021. The helicopter is adapted for flights in highlands and, therefore, the project has been code-named the Climber. It differs from its predecessors by a new airframe design and the fuselage with improved aerodynamic features. The helicopter’s body is made of modern lightweight materials. It is furnished with a shockproof fuel system that meets the most stringent safety requirements.

Ka-226T is currently undergoing flight tests at the testing compound of the Mil and Kamov center. Batch production is to be launched by Ulan-Ude aviation plant in close cooperation with Kumertau aircraft enterprise in 2022.

Ka 226T to complete certification in 2022 02

Ka-226T (Picture source: Rostec)

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