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Hypersonic missile for Su-34 and Tu-22M3 bombers to be tested from 2022.

| 2021

Russia has to begin trials in 2022 of a new small hypersonic missile designed in the framework of Ostrota R&D. The new weapon will make the aircraft a part of Russian non-nuclear deterrence, the Izvestia daily writes quoting Defense Ministry sources.

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Trials of hypersonic missile for Su 34 and Tu 22M3 bombers to start in 2022 Tupolev Tu-22M3 (Picture source: SouthFront)

The new missile will be fired by supersonic Tu-22M3 and frontline Su-34 bombers, the sources said. The design schedule obtained by the daily sets the flight trials for 2022. The Bereznyak Raduga Machine-Building Design Bureau (GosMKB) of Tactical Missile Corporation is engaged in Ostrota R&D. A ramjet has been created for the new missile by Soyuz Turaev Machine-Building Design Bureau.

In February 2020, Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu said hypersonic missiles would be the backbone of Russian non-nuclear deterrence. He held a meeting on additional procurement of the weapon and long-range precision missiles.

Gremlin long-range hypersonic missile is being designed for Tu-22M3. Trials have to be completed in 2023. Ostrota missile will have a shorter range.

There is no official information on missile characteristics, however hypersonic missiles for operational and tactical aviation are likely to be fired by long-range aircraft, including Tu-22M3. “Hypersonic missiles are a nearly invulnerable target for modern air defense. It is nearly impossible to down them. If such an effective weapon is created for one type of aviation, it is logical to engage it with long-range aircraft. They will be able to destroy hostile air defense and breakthrough for strategic operations,” expert Dmitry Kornev said.

The new small hypersonic missile has to become a weapon of Tu-22M3 and Su-34 bombers. In 2018, the long-range bomber was upgraded to Tu-22M3M level. It received new electronic equipment made of Russian elements. The potential and combat effectiveness of the bomber were expanded and the operational radius increased.

Su-34 was officially accepted into service in March 2014 to replace Su-24M frontline bombers. Su-34 fired the most precision weapons in Syria. The Russian Aerospace Forces operate over a hundred bombers. The upgraded Su-34M option has been designed. It will have more weapons than the basic option.

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