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Bangladesh to get 8 Mi-28NE helicopters.

| 2021

Emphasis has been placed on further enhancing the capabilities of the Bangladesh Air Force in the Forces Goal-2030 to ensure a strong national defense system. As part of this, eight Mi-28 NE attack helicopters are being purchased from Russia. It will cost around Tk 4,100 crore to buy these helicopters. This information has been known from the sources of the Ministry of Finance 

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Bangladesh to get 8 Mi 28NE helicopters 01 The Mi-28NE “Night Hunter” is a modern attack helicopter designed to carry out search and destroy operations against tanks, armoured and un-armoured vehicles, and enemy personnel in combat, as well as low-speed airborne targets. It can operate night and day, and in adverse weather conditions  (Picture source: Russian Helicopters)

A proposal has recently been sent to the finance ministry for pre-approval on the purchase of helicopters from Russia. It said policy approval was given for the purchase of eight MI-28 NE attack helicopters for the Bangladesh Air Force in the current and next financial year through direct negotiations with the Government of Russia, the selling country under GTG (Government with Government) or its designated agency. It will cost approximately 4 thousand 100 crore.

The Mi-28 attack helicopter has a powerful armament system, which includes a movable automatic 30-mm cannon with a left-right swing range of ± 110 °, anti-tank guided missiles of three types with a range of 6 and 10 kilometers, and air-to-air guided missiles, unguided rockets of two types, suspended cannon containers, aerial bombs up to 500 kg.

The rotor blades of the "Night Hunter" are capable of withstanding the impact of a 30 mm projectile. Its engines of increased power - 2400 hp. each. Flight with one engine is possible if the other is damaged. "Night Hunter" has high survivability. The windshield and side windows of the cockpit are armored. The Mi-28NE cockpit is protected by ceramic armor. Mi-28NE is capable of efficiently performing assigned tasks in hot climates. It is equipped with a new screen-exhaust and dust protection device.

The Mi-28NE is manufactured at the Rostvertol enterprise, which is part of the Russian Helicopters holding.


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