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Turkey test-fires native HGK-84 precision guidance kit.

| 2020

Turkey has conducted a successful test of its indigenously-developed HGK-84 LAB laser-guided bomb (LGB), the country’s Ministry of National Defence announced.

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Turkey test fires native HGK 84 precision guidance kit 01 HGK-84 LAB laser-guided bomb (Picture source: Turkish MoD)

“The test-firing of our HGK-84 LAB (Precision Guidance Kit-84 Laser Seeker Head) produced by domestic and national facilities were successfully carried out,” the ministry said on Twitter.

The HGK-84 is a GPS/INS guidance kit that turns existing 2,000-pound (908-kilogram) MK-84 general-purpose bombs and penetrator bombs into air-to-ground smart bombs. It enables precision strike capability in all weather conditions.

Turkey test fires native HGK 84 precision guidance kit 02The HGK-84 LAB/LHGK-84 (Lazer Arayıcı Başlık, “Laser Seeker Head”) also includes a laser guidance system and can be used against both fixed and mobile targets. (Picture source: Turkish MoD)

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