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Singapore AirShow 2020: Thinklogical to demonstrate next-generation command and control systems.

| 2020

Thinklogical, A Belden Brand, will demonstrate its secure, high-performance video distribution and KVM (keyboard, video and mouse) extension and switching systems for defence, intelligence and security applications at the Singapore Airshow 2020 in stand N97, in the U.S. Partnership Pavilion.

Singapore AirShow 2020 Thinklogical to demonstrate next generation command and control systems Representative Thinklogical Applications and Use Cases are Command and Control, Air Operations Centers, UAV Ground Control Stations, Ship’s Bridge and Combat Information Center, Secure VTC - Video Teleconference, Training, Modeling and Simulation (Picture source: Thinklogical)

Thinklogical helps organizations simplify management of multiple classifications, turning video-rich data into actionable information leading to faster decisions and improved mission outcomes.

This technology is widely used in USA, NATO and allied nations in applications where users require access to video-rich information delivered through multiple classification networks. The Thinklogical technology is Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) and not ITAR controlled.

In a traditional command and control operations centre approach, each user would have a single computer (workstation, thin client, zero client) per network at their desk resulting in work areas that are cluttered, congested, hard to maintain and challenging to maintain Information Assurance (IA) security protocols (i.e. air gapping and 1m separation) between networks.

The Thinklogical video distribution and KVM extension technology places a single transmitter/receiver pair with fibre-optic connectivity between the computing resource and the workstation. This allows all computing resources to be relocated and racked in a secure IT closet or machine room (technically, up to 80km away) while providing the user with access and performance equal to if the computer was still under their desk.

This separation of computing resources from the end user provides increased flexibility in facilities planning. Moving all the computing resources to a single location away from the work area provides many benefits:
• This lowers heat and noise in the work area.
• Increases reliability of computers by locating them in a controlled environment.
• Increases maintainability as most maintenance tasks are now completed in the IT closet and not the work area.
• Increased security through locating all computers in a controlled access area.
• Easier security thorough co-location of computers of similar classifications and easier separation of classification / red/black.
• An added benefit is the technology only provides the desired I/O interfaces at the user workstation; access to hard drives, network ports or USB 2.0 access is not provided unless required.

The matrix switch is also part of the technology solution. This switch sits between the transmitter / receiver pair and provides “any to any” connectivity. The switch is fully scalable from 12-1280 ports (more with interconnection of switches). Our switch is the only one of its size that is certified to Common Criteria EAL4, certified to isolate the network signal paths with no perceptible crosstalk, even with simultaneous connections to multiple networks of multiple classifications.

An added feature of the switch is a capability referred to as restricted switching. This capability allows network access rights of EACH workstation to be individually tailored. This, coupled with existing individual user access controls, provides a robust security solution. These isolation and restricted switching capabilities allow a user to have access to multiple networks of multiple classifications from a single workstation.

Representative Thinklogical Applications and Use Cases:
• Command and Control
• Air Operations Centers
• UAV Ground Control Stations
• Ship’s Bridge and Combat Information Center
• Secure VTC - Video Teleconference
• Training, Modeling and Simulation

Thinklogical, A Belden Brand is based in Milford, Conn., USA, and is a subsidiary of Belden, Inc. (NYSE: BDC) headquartered in St. Louis, Mo. The company is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) specializing in Video Distribution Systems (VDS) and Keyboard Video Mouse (KVM) signal extension and switching technology. Thinklogical products are IA-accredited to the Common Criteria EAL4, NATO NIAPC, TEMPEST SDIP 27 Level B and U.S. DoD JITC UC APL 2013.

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