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Russian Aerospace Forces take delivery of first KBLA-IVTs vertical take-off and landing drones.

| 2020

According to information published by the Russian press agency TASS on December 24, 2020, the Tekhodinamika group (under control of state corporation Rostec) has handed over the first KBLA-IVTs vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to the Russian Aerospace Forces (VKS), according to the press department of Rostec.

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Russian Aerospace Forces take delivery of first KBLA IVTs vertical take off and landing drone 925 001 Russian-made KBLA-IVTs vertical take-off and landing VTOL unmanned aerial vehicles UAVs. (Picture source ROSTEC)

The new VTOL UAVs, which have been developed by Tekhnodinamika’s JSC TsNTU Dinamika, are used as aerial targets during the trials of new weapons.

The KBLA-IVTs imitate low-speed UAVs and helicopters during various tests. The system comprises a VTOL UAV with a maximum take-off weight of 300 kg, a ground control station, ground support systems, and other items of hardware. The use of the system allows an operator to evaluate accuracy and target engagement precision.

“The first batch of the systems with the UAVs has already been handed over to the military; we have also trained operators of the system. The unit has high potential in the commercial UAV market,” said Director General of Tekhnodinamika Igor Nasenkov.

The KBLA-IVTs features an automatic simulator to trains crews. The system successfully completed its trials in October.

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