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MiG designs automatic system to control overload.

| 2020

MIG Corporation patented an intellectual system to protect maneuverable combat aircraft from exceeding the critical overload. The design increases safety and promotes intensive air combat, as the pilot is not distracted by the control panel. The technology will be used in MiG-29M/M2 and MiG-35 jets, the corporation said.

MiG designs automatic system to control overload MiG-35 in flight (Picture source: Air Recognition)

"Increased automation, convenience and safety are our priority commitments to operators of modern and prospective MiG aircraft. The new intellectual automatic system prevents excess of critical overload and is already introduced in our modern aircraft," MiG CEO Ilya Tarasenko said.

Modern multirole jets of generations 4++ and 5 sustain an overload of 9G. Maneuverable combat demands the pilot to constantly monitor control panel indicators. The new automatic system together with in-helmet indication allows the pilot to focus on combat missions without verifying the flight information and losing maneuverability.

The new system allows exceeding the critical overload by 1-2G through additional pressure on the control stick or by temporary or complete switch-off of the system.

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