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Ilyushin Il-76MD-90A airlifter gets increased capacity to 60 tons and cockpit upgrade.

| 2020

The carrying capacity of the new Ilyushin Il-76MD-90A airlifter was increased from 48 to 60 tons. The range increased 18 percent and fuel consumption dropped 12-15 percent, Il-76 and Il-78 Chief Designer Andrey Yurasov told the Zvezda TV channel.

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Ilyushin Il 76MD 90A airlifter gets increased capacity to 60 tons and cockpit upgrade Ilyushin Il-76MD-90A (Picture source: Ilyushin)

“Il-76MD-90A has all systems upgraded: the wing and chassis were strengthened to increase the carrying capacity and operational effectiveness. The wing of the previous Il-76 modification was made of two parts. Il-76MD-90A has a complete 25-meter long wingspan. It decreased the wing weight and increased resource and simplified production technology,” he said.

The United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) said Il-76MD-90A hull has been upgraded for the takeoff weight of 120 tons (60-ton payload). The airlifter can operate even from dirt airstrips. The new KT-199M wheels allow operating in a harsh climate and extremely low and high temperatures. The flight controls and instrument panel have been upgraded.

The Russian Defense Ministry and the UAC signed a contract for Il-76MD-90A at Army-2020 forum. Aviastar-SP enterprise completed the automatic docking of the first fuselage of the airlifter at a new production line the same month. The line decreased labor intensity 38 percent.

The new Il-76MD-90A airlifter is equipped with the latest systems and mechanisms, including flying, communications and defense systems. They improved the flight characteristics and operational qualities, Il-76 and Il-78 Chief Designer Andrey Yurasov told the Zvezda TV channel.

New glass cockpit

The airlifter has now a glass cockpit which decreases the load on the crew. The information is displayed on nine multifunctional displays which replace analog systems of previous airlifters. The crew receives speed, altitude, and other information on a single screen and, hence, better controls the flight : “There are nine displays : six for the pilots, two for the navigator and one for the mechanic. Each crewmember can see the information he needs. One display replaces at least a dozen analog devices,” Yurasov said.

The United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) said electronic indication and a single processor increase flight and airdrop precision. The airlifter has a video registration system to increase situation awareness in flight or on the airfield. Several cameras record everything in the cockpit, ramp and cargo compartment. “It is possible to see a recording of the whole flight. The pilot is for the first time able to see the airdrop,” Yurasov said.

Il-76MD-90A hasa new communication equipment for high-quality telephony, data exchange, satellite communications, and the latest defensesystem to ensure protection against various antiaircraft weapons.

A new airlifter

Earlier, the conformity with the technical conditions of the Il-76MD-90A aircraft, with the serial number 0109, was confirmed, in the course of ground and flight tests. This is the first aircraft built in accordance with the list of tasks of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. The previous IL-76MD-90A aircraft, with the serial number 0108, was produced in 2015. A number of changes were made to the requirements for the aircraft during the tests, which required significant modifications to the design.

A convertible fuel tanker IL-78M-90A also passed flight tests in Ulyanovsk. In total, 6 new aircraft will strengthen the capabilities of the Military Transport Aviation of the Russian Armed Forces. The IL-76MD-90A is the second generation of the famous IL-76 aircraft. It received more powerful engines PS-90А-76 that comply with ICAO for noise level. Newly constructed wing from long panels increased its durability. The hull has been enhanced and many other changes have been made, with increased capacity and range.

The possibility of delivering cargo weigning 52 tons has been increased up to 5,000 kilometers, the maximum load capacity being 60 tons. The IL-76MD-90A can carry 126 paratroopers, 145 personnel in the single-deck version and 225 in the double-deck.

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