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36th Airbus A400M Atlas now operated by Luftwaffe German Air Force.

| 2020

The Luftwaffe received its 36th Airbus A400M in Wunstorf on December 4. With a total of 53 units ordered, Germany's armed forces are the largest users of the heavy transport aircraft.

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36th Airbus A400M Atlas now operated by Luftwaffe German Air Force The Luftwaffe (German Air Force) is the largest operator of Airbus A400M Atlas with 36 aircraft (to date) stationed in Wunstorf (Picture source: Wikimedia/Julian Herzog)

The German Air Force received the last aircraft for this year on December 4th, registred 54 + 36. As a result, 36 A400Ms are now stationed in Wunstorf. Germany has ordered a total of 53 A400Ms, 40 of which will be based in Wunstorf. The remaining 13 are to be stationed on the Lechfeld near Augsburg as part of the new international air transport association MNAU (Multinational Air Transport Unit).

The A400M fleet in service has already completed more than 85,000 flight hours. To date, Airbus has delivered a total of 95 A400Ms to customers. There are now seven of them with Germany, France, Great Britain, Spain, Turkey, Malaysia and Luxembourg - and Belgium will soon be the eighth nation to join the group of A400M users. The kingdom has ordered seven A400Ms. Airbus would like to hand over the first before the end of the year.

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