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Russian Mi-38 helicopter completed trials in cold weather.

| 2019

The Mil Helicopter Plant in Moscow completed additional certification trials of Mi-38 helicopter in extremely cold temperatures. They confirmed the technical servicing capability, flight preparation and reliable engine startup at air temperatures below minus 45 degrees Centigrade, the Russian Helicopters Holding said.

Russian Mi 38 helicopter completed trials in cold weather Mi-38 helicopter at MAKS in Russia (Picture source : Air Recognition)

Trials were held at Mirny airfield and Nakyn in Yakutia. Mi-38 made 57 flights and 18 ground tests of the power plant. The operability of all integrated onboard and rescue equipment was confirmed after the heat loss.

"The declared characteristics of the helicopter meet the flight norms AP-29 which are harmonized with the European CS-29 and US FAR-29. The helicopter has a potential to expand the capabilities. The increase in the temperature range will make Mi-38 attractive for the companies producing natural resources in harsh climatic conditions of the Extreme North. Helicopters are traditionally engaged in such projects to transport people and cargo," Mil plant CEO Sergey Romanenko said.

Mi-38 boasts high technical characteristics and has a reliable system design and integrated onboard equipment. The main fuselage elements are made of aluminum alloys and composite materials. Some units are made of steel and titanium. Highly fuel-efficient engines, an advanced lifting system and high power promote effective operation in a broad range of conditions. The onboard equipment promotes day and night flights in various climate and weather.

The key criteria for Mi-38 design was to ensure maximum safety. The fuselage scheme, the size and number of emergency exits, a possibility of urgent evacuation through pressed-out windows, energy-attenuating seats and chassis, the capability of the main reducer to operate without oil for half an hour, three-time standby of hydraulic controls and emergency-resistant fuel system comply with the toughest requirements of the international air safety standards.

The medium multirole Mi-38 occupies a niche between Mi-8 and heavy Mi-26 and can transport cargoes and passengers, operate in rescue missions and fly over water.

The Russian armed forces will soon receive Mi-38T military option. It is a Mi-38 upgrade for transportation and landing missions. It can be re-equipped into a sanitary option and have additional fuel tanks to increase the range. The helicopter is equipped with new TV7-117V engines, integrated digital piloting-navigational complex with data indication on five LCD displays, and an explosion-resistant protected fuel system. The integrated onboard equipment set IBKO-38 provides full and high-quality information to the crew to promote flight safety. The helicopter salon has sliding seats and sanitary equipment, as well as rollers for cargo transportation.

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