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Russian Helicopters to test upgraded Mi-35P attack helicopter.

| 2019

The Russian Helicopters is holding trials of upgraded Mi-35P transport-combat helicopter. It received a new sight, a modern piloting complex and an ability to automatically track targets. Trials are ongoing at Rostvertol enterprise and have to be completed by the end of the year, the holding said.

Russian Helicopters to test upgraded Mi 35P attack helicopter 925 001 Russian Helicopters Mi-35P transport/attack helicopter (Picture source Wikimedia)

"Upgraded Mi-35P is a new stage of Mi-24 evolution which is one of the best helicopters in the world. It is an export model designed for the countries operating previous helicopter modifications. They are mostly our partners in Asia and Africa. Rostvertol is preparing batch production of the helicopters for export," it said.

"The Mil Helicopter Plant prepared design documentation for the upgrade of the helicopters to the latest requirements for attack craft. We already had a possibility to demonstrate Mi-35P to potential customers and their reaction makes us sure the helicopter will be in demand," Russian Helicopters CEO Andrey Boginsky said.

Upgraded Mi-35P has a new sight with matrix long-wave heat seeker of the third generation, a color high-resolution TV camera and a laser ranger. It carries a new digital piloting complex which improved control and stability and simplified life for pilots by making the piloting process automatic.

The modified sight increased precision hit. New control panels of the pilot and operator with modern navigational devices and indicators are integrated into the cockpit equipment.

Mi-35P has high flight characteristics and can be engaged in high temperatures and in the mountains. The design ensures low acoustic signature, higher survivability and decreased maintenance intensity.

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