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Russia to supply 24 Su-35 fighter jets to Egypt.

| 2019

Russia has signed an estimated $2 billion contract for the supply of about 24 Su-35 multi-role fighter jets to Egypt.

Russia to supply 12 Su 35 fighter jets to Egypt Su-35S (Picture source: Air Recognition)

The agreement for the supply of ‘over two dozen aircraft’ and aviation aids will amount to $2 billion. The signing of the contract was carried out at the end of 2018 and the delivery of the aircraft will begin as early as 2020-21,” Kommersant news daily reported quoting two top managers of defense industry enterprises.

Details of the said contract were not specified as to when the contract was signed. The report suggested that the signing of the contract took place towards the end of 2018.

These aircraft will replace obsolete Mig-21s and Chinese J-7 derivatives, the source stated.

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